The Twilight Saga

Like, you know Twilight has like Team Edward and all of them, well, The Host should have them too. So here is where you tell people what team you are! By the way, I'm Team Ian. He's so sweet, and funny!


EDIT: I find it hilarious how popular this discussion has become. It's like, because I am a very strange person, basically all the stuff on that 'Latest Activatey' thingy is of comments from you lovely people on this discussion.

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i am soooo team ian!. he is ,like you said, sweet and funny, plus he is just soooo sensitive! u guys know that that is impossible to find in guys (the sensitivity). Ian O'shea rocks all the way!
idk i love both
if you love the host then you'll love the new hot fansite be one of the first to join
Team Ian and Team Jared. I love both of them :) I think I'm Team Jamie too lol
UGH I can't choose between Ian and Jared!! If I HAD to choose.. I think I might like Ian a little more. ;)
tam Jared all the way
Team Ian... He loves Wanda for Wanda not for Mels body but for who Wanda is... That is powerful since she is a soul... I didn't like Jared until the very end though... He was just a jerk not ever really excepting Wanda for Wanda and Mel for Mel... Ian did though!
Jared for me, thank you very much. :)
Team Ian and Wanda
BUT also Team Jamie and Team Pet!
IAN IAN IAN!!! L-O-V-E him hes so sweet (well, once you get past the fact that he almost killed wanda/mel in the begining...)

I also absolutely love Jamie Walter and Jeb...HATE THE SEEKER -_-


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