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When was the first part that you thougth that, "The Host," was really good. I thought the ending half was amazing, but that the beginning was a little slow. What did you think?

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please comment!!!!!!!!
well, i thought that it was when they got lost in the dessert
it really got interesting then
and when uncle Jeb found them
haha i agree. but it got a little slow when they held her prisoner for a while
Well, it took a couple chapters to get me goin 4 the book, but then I really liked it.
When they captured her and took her into the caves.
When Jared slaps Wanda :DD
I know that sounds bad but I like wanted to cry...
When he slaps her I had to reread it to make sure I was right cuz I was thinking "WOW....did he really just slap her..."
It is also kind of the start of everything because that's when Wanda FINALLY gets to meet Jared :D
The first time I read the book, I got into it when Melanie was sneaking into the house, then Jared caught her. But when I read it the second time, I loved it from the very first page. I guess, the second time, I understood it more.
I think it was Chapter 4 'Dreamed'. That's when I really started getting into the book. The characters started coming together at this point and I started to feel something for both of them, ya know?
It got interesting when Jeb found her when he was going out on the raid, at the beggining i was like what on earth is a soul and healer etc. but now i LOVE tht book.
i didn't think it got good until she was in the desert and got lost trying to find jared, and her lil brother...
i thought it was smart how he only used the directions/instructions to keep the person walking around
so they can figure out who they are, and if they want 2 let them in.
The first time I was a bit confused at the begining but I got into it when Wanderer started actually talking to Mel and I loved her class lol
When the humans found Melony/Wanda


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