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When was the first part that you thougth that, "The Host," was really good. I thought the ending half was amazing, but that the beginning was a little slow. What did you think?

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Call me easy to hook but for me, at the start when Mel forces Wanderer to see her memories, one of the first being Mel meeting Jared and Jared almost killing her and then immediately never wanting to let her go. I liked that it was realistic to the pace of how you might feel in Wanderer's position so i didn't mind the 'slowness' at all, i really liked it actually. It was confusing but very intriguing to try and see it all through Wanderer's eyes.
For me was when Wanda decides to go and find Jared and Jamie and starts her journey in the desert...but i actually started reading the book for the 2nd time and i really like the begining, I really like the story of Wanda and Ian...
i started to love the book when mel/wanda decided to find jared and jamie and go to the desert.....
I thought it got interesting when Mel showed Wanda the memory of her and Jared on the couch at the cabin. When he told her "Birth Control was the last thing on my mind to get..." That's when it really caught my attention.
for me it was chapter 4 where you first read about her dreams of Jared. that was when you knew it was going to be great.
My "moment" was when Wanderer wakes up in Mel's body. Honestly I thought it was good idea. The beginning is a bit slow though it's necessary for the reader to know why Wanda behaves the way she behaves, who's Melanie, why they don't like the Seeker and why finally Wanda goes to find Jared and Jamie so I just accepted those chapters the way they are though the main story for me begins in the moment when Jeb finds Wanda. It's the moment when I can't stop reading until the end.
Honestly yeah, the begining is a little slow- but it's good. the first time i read it (i've read it 7 times now :D) i was instantly hooked.From the second i started reading it i knew it was gonna be great
When Mel/Wanda are lost in the desert.


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