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please tell me your opinion....
for fairirs loves

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he's soo sweet.
and he's human.
and he just loves wanda so much.
i also like wanda and mel.
ughh i like everyone!
jeb. haha he's funny.
jamie!!! he's soo sweet :)
Ian because she loves Wanda no matter what and that is really sweet of him. Besides he's pretty sensitive and completely selfless.
My favorite character is Ian and Wanda. But I love them the most out of all the characters. This book is amazing, I'm re-reading The Host right know :]] I am very excited.

Erica :]]]
of course
he was so sweet
when he got angry when he heard wanda was going to kill herself he was so sweet
he's so protective and that is so weet
My favorite character is Ian because he is so weird and then he acts like nothing is different when Wanda was switched into the new body!
ian. he's perfect. *sigh*
IAN!!!!!!!!!! Loved his emotion and ability to love Wanda for who she really was....He REALLY SAW her. And really how could you not love Wanda, Jamie and crazy ol Jeb!!!
My favorite character is Ian
my fav has to be ian but short after it has to be wanda
I absolutely love Jeb, He's just so amazingly sneaky... it makes me smile.

I also like Ian's character, he was so quick to accept Wanda that it really makes you feel for his position... and how his feelings for her grow into something more.

I love it.

I LOVE IAN!!!! he's the perfect man... he cares about wanda and loves her so much


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