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please tell me your opinion....
for fairirs loves

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i like wanta
Well my top 6 are...

1st Wanda!!!! Shes always thinking and about her human family and she would do ANYTHING for them even trade her soul for Melanie shes absolutly amazing and thoughtful.
2nd Ian!!!!! He sees Wanda for her personality not her body and he really trully loves her & he protected her and loved her for herself
3rd Jamie!!!!! Hes soo cute and nice and also really thoughtful
4th Jared!!!! Hes strong and sweet and will do what he has to for his family
5th Jeb!!!! He knew that Wanda is a soul and he still treated her kindly when no one else did thats pretty awesome!!
6th Melanie!!! She had her body taken over and she still came back for Jared & Jamie and she didn't go crazy she was still Melanie and shes also really nice and fearless when she needs to be.
I like wanda, because she finds love. The kind of love she thought she can't never have or get from another human.
I love Jamie also he is just so cute after you get to know him
Jamie, oh Jamie...such a sweet boy ^^
I love Ian :) He cares about wanda a real lot and i think he really sweet and romantic .
right there with you. I LOVE IAN!!! he protected her and loved her for herself.
I totally agree with you! IAN IS THE BEST CHARACTER OF THE HOST!
I love Ian so much! I wish he was real. He's so protective. And i love how he has such a change of heart!
yessss! IAN is like .. the best .. i love him so much!
i agreee!
i love ian
I like Jamie and Ian and Jeb
and Wanda of coures, at the end Melanie started to grow on me too


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