The Twilight Saga

I honestly didn't know which person i liked better. Wanda or Melanie.

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I have to agree. I believe that they were both very important characters. BOTH!!!
melani is the brave and wild human girl
wanta is the good kind soul girl
i think than they are a good comdination
I think i like Wanda better, but that might be because its from her perspective. Melanie seem a bit rude, but hey shes only human
i like them both thay are a package deal and i like mel being rude. i think that mel is the opposite of wanda and u cant have one without the other.
i love em both, i cant chose.
mel cause shes so funny and fights for what she wants and wanda cause shes so sweet and caring but she anoys me when she was gunna leave Ian, i love Ian hes my favourite out of the hole book and it was mean what she did to him.
Wanda I think .....
At first only Wanda...after a while and for most of the book the end only wand(that is because this is not a story from Melanie but from Wanda...Melanie wasn't ther much at the end of the book...
I liked Melanie better because her personality is so much like mine.. But I also like Wanda because Melanie is laking that part and they are a perfect fit..
I like them both they both had their good and bad moments , but you have to like them both.I like Wanda for her kindness and nonviolent mind .I like Melanie for her braveness and strength for going through things that most of us couldn't.
I like them both too. I think in the end they've both had a lot of influence on one another. I would like to know more on how it is for them to find themselves alone in their bodies again.


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