The Twilight Saga

is it mel and her daring? or wanda with her bravery and love? or jared? with his temper? you pick.

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of course it is wanda....she's such a good person,selfless and so bright....that reading about her makes me wanna become a better person....
i love everybody!!!
i love ian cuz hes the sweetest man on earth, he's caring and protective and loves wanda so much
i love wanda cuz she's so nice and kind and she'll do anything for her love ones and also for the people who hate her (kyle)
i love mel cuz she's stong and brave
i love jared cuz he loves mel so much and he helped her to survive when she needed it. although he was a jerk with at the begining he started to love her and saved her.
jamie is the sweetest and funniest boy and it's impossible not to love him
jeb is one of my favorites because he's crazy but he's also a genius, he's the only capable person on the book to see beyond things. i love his wacky attitude.


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