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Comment by sarah cullen on January 20, 2012 at 12:04am

@ TeamJakeward-  i think as i understood , it is all the internet all over the world ..i dont know :( i hope this isnt going to happen even in american websites :(

Comment by TeamIanO'Shea- on January 19, 2012 at 4:11pm
It's apparantly only American websites, so like if the website ends in, it won't be shutting down, but this ones American, so that must mean its being shut down :(
Comment by sarah cullen on January 19, 2012 at 1:36pm

guys do you heard about sopa ??? OMG .this couldnt be happening ...

No internet fun..

If you haven't heard yet - there are two bills that the US Government are going to be voting on, on the 24th of January, that could change the internet forever.
These bills are to censor the internet. Which means, they want to shut down pirate sites.  If this bill passes, there would be no more Twitter, Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Livejournal, etc, because in one way or another, they break these laws by videos/pictures people post.
This would also mean no more Rob/Kristen/Robsten/Twilight fansites, since they too, would be breaking laws.

Sites were blacked out for 24 hours to protest against this yesterday

Imagine a world without free knowledge. ...:(

Comment by sarah cullen on January 19, 2012 at 12:36am

Chapter 56 

Welded -from ian's point of view

Wanda pulled Sunny into the far corner of
the room, away from the rest of us so she wouldn’t frighten the
Healer’s host any more than she already was. I followed them
slowly, trying to block the hysterical soul from the woman. They
didn’t seem to notice me as I listened to Kyle explain how he had
kidnapped her. Sunny hadn’t put up any kind of a fight when she
first saw him. Apparently, she loved Kyle just as much as Jodi had,
much like Wanda loved those that Melanie loved, but she was
incredibly upset when she realized that Kyle had stolen her away
for the sole purpose of removing her from Jodi’s body. She put up
a bit of a fight, wondering why Wanda got to stay when she
couldn’t. And then I heard Wanda say, “That wouldn’t be fair,
would it? But I don’t get to stay, Sunny. I have to go, too. And
soon. Maybe we’ll leave together. I have to go, Sunny, just like
you. I have to give my body back, too.”
It took me a moment to process what she had just said. Wanda
was leaving? How? Why? I couldn’t even imagine living without
her; she had become such a large part of my life. I didn’t want to. I
was completely enraged at the thought of someone trying to take
her away from me. “What?” I asked, my voice hard and flat with my
anger. I walked to the far corner they occupied in two quick strides
and glared down at the three of them. How could she plan this and
not say anything about it to me?
“Ian?” Kyle asked, completely bewildered by my reaction. “What’s
the problem?”
I could only focus on her. “Wanda,” I said, my voice practically a
growl. I held my hand out to her, letting her know that I wanted to
discuss this somewhere else. I couldn’t to do it here with everyone
watching us. I watched as the sadness swept across her face, and
I realized that she had planned on keeping it from me. Maybe she
would have left in the middle of the night so that Melanie would
have to explain everything to me after the fact. I couldn’t take it
anymore. I grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her to her feet.
Sunny was still holding onto her, and I shook her off.
“What is with you?” Kyle asked. I couldn’t contain my anger
anymore. How could he ask me that? Hadn’t he heard what she
just said? She was planning to leave. Why couldn’t
he see that I was simply reacting to that?
Kyle was always so wrapped up in his own life, his own problems
to ever notice what I was going through. Here he was, he finally
got Jodi back, he didn't care if Wanda was sent away. Why would
he? He got what he wanted.

I pulled my leg back and smashed my foot right into Kyle’s nose.
“Ian!” Wanda said reproachfully.
He grabbed his nose, trying to stop the blood flow, and struggled
to his feet. Sunny threw herself in front of him as if she planned on
protecting him from me. Her sudden movement knocked Kyle back
down and I was glad. I didn’t have time to deal with his wounded
pride right now. “C’mon,” I said, turning abruptly. I had to get out of
the hospital wing.
“Ian –” Wanda said, probably wanting me to calm down. I couldn’t.
Jared stood in the exit, blocking my only way out. “Have you lost
your mind, Ian?” he asked, completely shocked by my reaction.
“What are you doing to her?”
The fact that he was even going to pretend that he actually gave a
crap about Wanda made me see red. “Did you know about this?” I
yelled, my voice echoing off the rocky cave walls. I was so angry
that I was shaking, and therefore, Wanda was as well.
“You’re going to hurt her!” he shouted back.
I was going to hurt her? Me? I was the only one who looked out for
her, kept her best interests in mind. Even she didn’t do that! And
who did Jared think he was, saying something like that to me? He
had been hurting her ever since she came to the caves! “Do you
know what she’s planning?” I asked. His face went completely
blank, the way it did when he didn’t want anyone to know what he
was thinking. And that was enough for me. I pulled back and
punched him, hoping that I had broken his nose as well.
“Ian, stop,” Wanda begged, trying to check on him as I pulled her
down the south hallway.
“You stop,” I shot back. Why did she have to do this, sacrifice
herself again and again, for Jared? Couldn’t she see that he didn’t
care about her, that he was only concerned with Melanie’s body?
How could she love him after this, after he was willing to let her go
just so he could get Melanie back?
“O’Shea!” I heard Jared yell. I almost hoped that he would follow
us so that I could hit him again.
“I’m going to hurt her?” I yelled over my shoulder, continuing down
the corridor at the same quick pace. “I am? You hypocritical
swine!” I didn’t realize how hard I was gripping her arm, or that
Wanda was having trouble keeping up with me, until she let out a
moan of pain. Oh God, I was hurting her. I was no better than
Jared. That thought stopped me in my tracks.

Read the rest here

Comment by Twilghtholic on January 18, 2012 at 4:07pm
@sarah Cullen- I kno rite!!! Every time I think abt the book and Ian & all the other characters I get this intense urge to watch the movie!!! Can't help it. Gott love the host!!!
Comment by sarah cullen on January 18, 2012 at 12:24am

@AgiK  thats ok..:D it happens sometimes..

Comment by AgiK on January 17, 2012 at 7:12pm

Oooops, Sarah, I'm terribly sorry! Think I understood something wrong. Typical of me! :(

Jake with black hair - oh I soooo cannot wait to see that! Not to mention I can't wait to see first pix, first trailer and the movie itself. It's gonna be amazing, I'm sure! :)

Comment by sarah cullen on January 16, 2012 at 11:55pm

ya i know he will be sooo goooood :D also the blue eyes..omg thinking about that makes me want to see the movie NOW :D

Comment by Twilghtholic on January 16, 2012 at 1:27pm

@Sarah Cullen...i think that he's gonna look really good with black hair...what about the blue eyes!???

@AgiK.. i don't think I can wait until 2013....hahha jk.

Comment by sarah cullen on January 16, 2012 at 7:43am

check out this interview with jake ..:D...iam trying to imagine him with black hair..:D


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