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That thinks it'd be difficult making Breaking Dawn into TWO movies?  Don't get me wrong it's a very good book... I loved it, second to Eclipse.  But two movies?  Is there enough?  The book was a whole lot of nothing the sense that a lot of it can't translate to the movie.  A lot was bella pregnant and getting stood around by her family ... or then there's a lot of the wolves running around (so surely we're gonna have to hear inside their heads) ... I mean the Volturi standoff will be exciting but ....TWO movies?

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Oh they didn't do that anywhere around where I live... that sucks
That does stink.
Oh I am sorry, what a bummer.
I totally wouldn't mind a 5hour twilight film. But maybe make it 6 hours (by adding up breaks in between every two or so hours... or stretching legs, returning the mountain dew from concession to the restroom
I too wouldn't mind a five hour version. Like in early HOllywood - bring back the intermission. LOL
Interestingly "Deadly Hallows is being released as a 5 hour, 2 part movie.
Never heard of it
Actually it Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The movie was shot in one part but will be released as two movies to keep as much material from the book storyline as possible.
Yeah I think I could sit through a five hour movie......As long as it was interesting and this is Twilight Breaking Dawn of course it will be interesting!!!


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