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That thinks it'd be difficult making Breaking Dawn into TWO movies?  Don't get me wrong it's a very good book... I loved it, second to Eclipse.  But two movies?  Is there enough?  The book was a whole lot of nothing the sense that a lot of it can't translate to the movie.  A lot was bella pregnant and getting stood around by her family ... or then there's a lot of the wolves running around (so surely we're gonna have to hear inside their heads) ... I mean the Volturi standoff will be exciting but ....TWO movies?

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My biggest concern with it being two movies is that I have felt that the 2nd movie is going to be extremely boring. As a book I thought it was pretty good, but I do not see it transferring over into a movie very well. Bella being so "controlled" is sort of anti-climatic and not to mention the HUGE battle that forms for there NOT being a battle. I have always felt that there is a huge risk of people walking out of the theater feeling that was a complete waste of time. And I would absolutely hate to see it end with a bad taste in your mouth.

In my opinion Eclipse is setting the bar extremely high (I feel that for the book as well as for the movie) and I just have never felt that BD measured up to Eclipse. That is my concern for the movie version as well.
i see where you're coming from
I completely completely agree! I loved Eclipse. And I'll love the mvie. I haven't read second life of bree... but that will be part of where the movie is comin from too so It'll be some surprise
Dear JJ,
The battle that isn't a battle. You make a wonderful point. I read some where, Quote: "There must be something in the Y chromosome, that makes them want to fight" (I forget where I read it) (FYI there is also a fair amount of the same thing in the X chromosome) But Stephanie just doesn't seem to be able to allow herself to "artistically" describe battle scenes. Although she has no problem in ALMOST getting us there.(literary teaser) That's why, I think, that Summit brought (30 days) in to direct Eclipse. It allows them to add the battle scenes. As a famous author once said "I could never read a Steven King novel. I'd pee in my pants if I did." (The same authors who's most famous protagonist ironically, wanted to see the movie "Face Smash"
It will be interesting to see if "the battle scenes" increase the number of Ys going to see Eclipse.
I too was really disappointed that we did not get more of the battle from Bree's book. I wonder why she seems to have such issues with being descriptive during fights. That is a good point that even during Victoria and Riley's fight it was not very descriptive. There were many times when I read it, I was like "what just happened?"

This probably needs to be int he Eclipse section, but oh well. Does it bother anyone that it seems that the Cullens and the wolves are actually fighting together in the battle? I thought they divided and each took different sides?
No problem with fighting together as the wolves memorized the scent of each Cullen during training, so that would not happen.

And since the movie is not really out yet, we really can't judge the entire battle scene by the blip we've been shown in commercials and teasers.

With regards to SM's writing battles...don't forget she is a devout Mormon. That's a peaceful and moral religion - no pre-marital realtions, no drinking, modest apparal, etc.
Yes but if she can make the characters curse, which would be against the morman faith (I know it is not alot, but it is there) then I think she should be able to make them fight.
I'm going ot agree to disagree with you on this point - fully respecting your opinion. :)
See, Breaking Dawn is my favourite book and I don't really see the big issue about spilling it up.
I think they'll probably split it at the point when Bella wakes as a vampire and I think there is enough in the books to makes 2 decent films there.
since it is my fave Twilight novel, I might not be seeing this objectively.
I do think that there is a lot that they cover in the second half, but I just feel that after I finished reading it I felt like there was such a huge build up for a fight that just did not happen. And I thought it was a neat twist to have Bella be so calm but really I am not sure that will go over well on the big screen, it just feels anticlimactic. I really do have faith that the 2nd movie will be good, these are just concerns that I have for the second movie. I think the first movie will really be awesome.

What are some of the key elements that you feel need to be in the second movie?
Bella's awakening as a vampire, seeing Jasper's scars, seeing Edward for the 1st time through vampire eyes, arm wrestling Emmett
Bella's 1st hunt
The Clan's fearful anticipation of Bella's introduction to Renesmee
Bella & Edward's first night at the cottage
Bella's reaction to Jake's imprint
Irina seeing Bella, Jake & Renesmee
Alice & Jasper's desertion
Bella's interaction with the lawyer
The arrival of the other vampires to the Cullen house and their reactions to Renesmee
The Volturi's attempt to crush the Cullen Clan & Bella realising her full potential
Alice's return with Huilen & Nahuel
Bella opening her mind to Edward

These are the ones that come to mind, LOL
I agree with everything accept for Bella's interaction with the lawyer because it turned out to be pointless, and to me added to the build up that just didn't happen. I am sure that you can tell by my tone that I think they need to be careful in the movie of creating the build up to a battle that doesn't happen. I just think people are going to walk away feeling really disappointed with the ending.

Also I personally feel by looking at this list that the movie being boring is really a concern.


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