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An Open and "Free Forum" Discussion on "Any And All" questions or observations about the movie "Eclipse."
Introduction: I am starting this discussion on the movie "Eclipse" on behalf of Professor Buttons.  But rather than our usual discussion form, this is an open "questions" discussion. Where any one can post any and all of her or his questions, or observations about the movie.



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I am such a Twi-fanatic that even where and how I first see a new Twi-Movie is important to me. In my town Eclipse is going to be shown on an extra big screen theater. But is also being shown at I-max. Have any of you seen it on I-Max. And if so would you recomend that I see it there first or on the big regular screen?
Thx Doc

I plan to see it in IMAX. It should be interesting to see what that format does to the movie compared to the experience of just seeing it on the regular cinema screen.

Of course I'll see it several times on the regular screen too.
Dear Shannon,
JJ, Found just a wonderful article, (she has posted the url below) that says that I-max requires a special formatting to be seen the best. And that Eclipse is the first movie formatted for it. Like you said I think that I will go to the first Sunday Am showing. I forgot but that is the showing Honey and I went too.Interesting quite a few people were there 90% over 30. As we walked outside there was a line a block long of younger viewers.

Assetts: Ironicaly the term assetts can be used ironicaly.

Here is a little bit of info that I have gathered about Eclipse being on the IMAX
JJ Thank you so much for pulling the I-max article on Eclipse for us.
Sincerly, Doc

Thanks for the link JJ, it's useful info! I was planning to see it in IMAX, but now there's definitely no way he's getting out of it. I'll make it my birthday present!
Eclipse and a four story screen. That's as good as it comes.

For me, a four-story tall Edward is just about heaven! And I suspect my sweetie feels the same way about Alice and Rosalie, lol.
Really looking forward to it. I know that the whole series is for young adults but after ready all 4 of the books and seeing the movies I am hooked. So a prime example that it appeals to all age groups
OK magazine (this week) said that Robert had asked Kristen to marry him on the set of the movie. Is this just another hoax magazine story?

I would say a hoax, They havent even come out in public yet, we will know when they are ready. I think they are perfect for each other.
Doc, according to the tabloids he asks her about every other day.


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