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An Open and "Free Forum" Discussion on "Any And All" questions or observations about the movie "Eclipse."
Introduction: I am starting this discussion on the movie "Eclipse" on behalf of Professor Buttons.  But rather than our usual discussion form, this is an open "questions" discussion. Where any one can post any and all of her or his questions, or observations about the movie.



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Doc - besides Taylor, what are we looking at?
cheerleaders. taylor doesn't seem to mind the show.
Half naked-ness doesnt bother Taylor, he has been shirtless for most of his career LOL
@ Layla, LOL!
you make an excellent point--and i suppose it's only fair for taylor to enjoy the eye candy once in a while, since so many women and girls around the globe have enjoyed him in a half naked state!
I think that Taylor gets a bad rap. Everyone says sports, sports, sports..that's all he's focused on!! But people forget how much he loves playing with his friends and taking the time to make new friends.


You are right Sarah. When Carlisle came home with Rosalie. And told Edward that he had found a present for him. As soon as he saw the hair he said thanks but no thanks.

When asked if she knew how to use a gun Sookie said "I am not THAT blond!!"

The photo below is of the actress who plays SOOOK..IE ! She fell madly in love with her costar who plays a vampire. A word to the wise Kristen.....!

Here is another interesting look for Dakota.

I actually like her better in this photo. Better make-up I suppose.

If it was up to you and ONLY you, whould Kristen and Robert OR Kristen and Jacob win the BEST kiss of the year award?

I don't feel like I understand this category, or at least the "requirements" for nomination. I felt like last year the choices were really sort of odd.
Kristen and Dakota - Just because they are girls?
Taylor L. and Taylor S. - Because they dated afterwards?
Kristen and Rob - That one made sense, but I thought that their kiss sucked in NM. It was like they both sucked on lemons before they did it and it just looked painful.

Anyways back to this topic, it is a given that they will both be nominated. For Rob and Kristen there are more kisses to choose from and so the odds a certainly in their favors. And their kisses were much better in Eclipse then in Twilight or NM so again increases the odds. For Taylor and Kristen there is really just their kiss at the end. And as part of the story, I think that it is more "epic" but I do not know if that really makes it "better". I will say that the look on Kristen and Taylor's face if they were to actually win would be priceless and would get my vote for that reason alone. :)
I think Kristen and Rob would win kiss of the year award.
The movie was awesome!!!


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