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An Open and "Free Forum" Discussion on "Any And All" questions or observations about the movie "Eclipse."
Introduction: I am starting this discussion on the movie "Eclipse" on behalf of Professor Buttons.  But rather than our usual discussion form, this is an open "questions" discussion. Where any one can post any and all of her or his questions, or observations about the movie.



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Who is the girl? (I feel like I am about to be embarrassed)
I believe it's Hayley Williams, the singer from Paramore. Rob and Hayley did an artist to artist interview after Twilight I believe. I could be wrong, and I'm too lazy to dig out my latest issue of SPIN or visit youtube and check, but that's who I think it is. Seems like I recognize the red velvet and the gaudy picture frames.
U right Shannon, its hayley from paramore

good to know, thanks. 

Have u heard the decode song on the twilight soundtrack? That's her. I think she has a beautiful voice and i liked her "only exception video". People are so so PRO Rob and Camilla belle because she is so "ladylike" and when i saw that video i dont know why it made me think of them as a couple


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