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I was so excited to see the movie, me and my best friend were freaking out. The little previews actually made it look kind of good, and you can't expect a movie to be perfectly like the book, but I expected a lot better than it was. I was so disappointed, and it seemed really cheesy too me. Kind of like they tried to make Twilight into a comedy. Everyone besides me says, "OMG it was so amazing." And I'm sitting there thinking, "Um. No. Definitely not." I'm hoping that with the new director, New Moon will be a lot better than Twilight.

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the director made the intense scenes make out scene only and SM had a problem with that
so they were taken out.
The fact of it all is that Twilight could have been exactly like the book. However directors are given artistic license which gives them full authority to make whatever change they want. My personal opinion was that it was a terrible movie. It was bad quality, bad script, bad acting (except RP) and i dont know how you could have followed it unless you read the book. My friend thinks that the only way the movie even works is that Edward plays the piano for Bella but other than that it was dumb.

CH kept all major scenes from the novel in he movie but changed all the details on how they got there. The meadow scene, which was originally romantic, became a scary scene of Edwards anger.Not to mention their wardrobes were ugly and it just wasnt a good movie in anyway. Also what was with Victoria at prom? There should have been the 5 Cullens there and they would have smelled her there no problem. How could CH mess up a detail like that? I have hope with the new director.
i agree with you and i do also hope the new director is much better! i dont think that CH is a good director and was pleased when she left.
I hope the next movie will be better, too, and I definitely agree with you, especially about the meadow scene.
I'm with you too, It didn't have the same feel of the book. There were some realy random bits like when Edward and Bella go up the tree with the whole "You better hold on tight spider monkey..." I thought that was stupid. Edward is way too protective of her, he would not take her up a tree.
The medow scene also sucked because it didn't portray the beauty properly!
And also...des anybody else think that Bella's dad was way too mean in the Film? Like in the Hospital scene where he is being realy rude to Tyler? What is that about?
I know! He loves her so much, and is so protective of her, and yet he expects her to hold onto him while they go jumping through trees? It didn't make sense. And if anything in the movie disappointed me the most, it was the meadow scene.
I agree, I actually laughed the first time I saw Jasper. He looked like he needed the toilet or something. Such a shame when the book was so brilliant. Lets hope that New Moon the movie will be better.
I really want New Moon to be good :) I'm hoping the new director will do the book justice.
i hv not sen it yet
i feel soooooo bad 4 u
it was good but not perfect i mean they left out bellas sleeep talking
I can say i expected much more of the movie, but like you said the movie is never really as good as the book because they try to fit everything into 2 hours, so they skip out on a lot of details some times...what i didn't really like is when they add scenes into the movie that aren't in the that man that james, victoria, and laurent kill on the boat, that doesn't happen in Twilight the book, does it?


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