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I was so excited to see the movie, me and my best friend were freaking out. The little previews actually made it look kind of good, and you can't expect a movie to be perfectly like the book, but I expected a lot better than it was. I was so disappointed, and it seemed really cheesy too me. Kind of like they tried to make Twilight into a comedy. Everyone besides me says, "OMG it was so amazing." And I'm sitting there thinking, "Um. No. Definitely not." I'm hoping that with the new director, New Moon will be a lot better than Twilight.

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I don't think it could have happened in the book, since Carlisle told them not to hunt in the area, and they'd just arrived when he told them that. And I think that before adding scenes that weren't there in the first place, the director should have considered spending a little more time on the important scenes.
you are sooo right, I was really waiting for it to come to theaters in germany and I've tried not to listen to friends that saw it on the internet... and I was so disappointed... there was so much missing, the blood typing, the endless conversations and the completly disappointing meadow scene.... I think it was like trying to summ up the content of the book really quickly for someone who hasn't read it, forgetting to mention many, many important details...
I'm really looking forward to the dvd release right now, so that I can watch it again - in english - I really hope that the original voices are better than the german ones...
hmmm sorry, but i beg to differ. i don't think they were trying to make it a comedy so much as trying to add some flavor to it - the movie wouldn't be interesting at all if it was all seriousness. although, i did feel a bit disgruntled about the missing blood typing scene.
i haven't seen it yet, but all the videoes i've seen on youtube i'm a lil disappointed. stuff was added and stuff was left out that shouldn't have been from the book. i like the book so much more better. when twilight was filmed it should have been closer to the book than waht it is. like when they're playing baseball. edward and james don't get into a fight they just growl at one another. and at the ballet studio jasmes doesn't bite bella's wrist he bites her hand and she doesn't get beat up as much as she does in the book. and edward isn't the one who fights him jasper and emmett are. but i guess with that there could have been some added being that she was unconcious, but in the movie she wasn't.
Well, I hope you enjoy it, even if I didn't :)
Lol! Something someone said just reminded me of Jasper! lol! they did not do him very well at all! he only have like 2 lines!
Though I swear my favourite part in the film is where victoria says "I'm the one with the wicked curve ball" and Jasper replies "Well I think we can handle that!" ahh he sounds soo sexy! for some reason? I dont know why? He is awesome in the baseball scene:D But the rest not so much.

They need to expand on Jaspers talent and they have to tell his story in Eclipse! :D
YES!!!!!!! Yeah, maybe this time it'll have a part where it's not so serious and it shows the bright side of Twilight. I'm just so sick of people ruining awesome books into not-so-good movies!
I'm totally with you! I'm not saying that it is completly bad, but there are so many things missing... jasper's and alice's talents and the whole stories behind the stories, carlilse's story aso...
if only any true twilight fan could win the lottery and do it again, shooting the movie - just better... noone would mind sitting and watching for let's say 8 hours, if that's what it takes to put everything important in... :)

The movie sucked. The book was ten million times better. I felt like I was cheated
I saw the movie before i read the books. And after i read it i got truly annoyed at the movie!! It is not the same what so ever. Almost all of my favourite scenes where out!!

I think they should do twilight as a longer movie or maybe a TV-series! Then you could have all the sweet, funny, nice scenes in it!

I loved it alot but they switched it around, and some important parts were left out. I still liked it but i wish they would have added some things. Also when they ran it was so fake. And the sparkles were pretty fake.
Hopefully CW will make a movie we can all be happy about


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