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I was so excited to see the movie, me and my best friend were freaking out. The little previews actually made it look kind of good, and you can't expect a movie to be perfectly like the book, but I expected a lot better than it was. I was so disappointed, and it seemed really cheesy too me. Kind of like they tried to make Twilight into a comedy. Everyone besides me says, "OMG it was so amazing." And I'm sitting there thinking, "Um. No. Definitely not." I'm hoping that with the new director, New Moon will be a lot better than Twilight.

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i thought that Twilight was an excellent movie
I'm with you...a little cheesy. If you had not read the book I think it would not be good at all. But, if you did read the book it did make things come to life. That being said, I saw it twice, once by myself and want to see it again. The makeup was a little harsh I thought and too many details were left out. I felt that the relationships were not developed enough.
I definitely agree with you. The people who loved the movie are usually the people who didnt read the book. My friends that read the book say they hated the movie but the ones that didnt read the book love it. I watched the movie and i loved it, so i read the book. Then i just hated the movie...
I agree. I went to see it 5times- twice with people who never read the book and I sat there explaining-what Jasper does, why are they always eating at a diner, who was that person they first killed in the movie-was this in the book--It was exhausting!! For those who wanna read books that were like the movie-Pride & prejudice, Memiors of a geisha-great books-better movie.. The whole thing is characters were saying things in the movie that other characters in the book were saying. The editing, directing and writing all were very bad. Don't get me wrong-i liked the movie-when i completely made my mind think of it as just another version of Twilight-like a knock off version. That's the only way I could swollow the movie.. People say they like it because it's an adored book. But we all have a right to our opinions. All in all-as Edward says "moot point."
I'd rather watch a 3 hour movie that was good, spend an extra hour, than watch a two hour movie that failed to produce some of the most important details of the book.
Believe it or not, I am smart enough to realize that the movie could not be an exact copy of the book. I have my own opinion, same as you, mine just happens to be that the movie was a disappointment. I am on this website because, yes, I do love the Twilight saga. But I feel that the movie did not do justice to Twilight. There were numerous things about the movie, not just one, that made me feel the way I do about it. If it had been small things, I probably could have ignored it, saying they did the best they could, but to me there were some major mistakes and the director did not notice how even some of her small, overlooked mistakes would effect so hugely in the movies to come.
Okay. I can appreciate that she tried, if she did, but that doesn't change that I was disappointed the movie. And New Moon happens to be my favorite book of the series (it's angsty) so I have no problem moving on to it, and am still excited to see how it plays out. Which is kind of stupid considering what I feel about the first one, but I can't keep from letting my hopes up :)
Not a fight, just an disagreement, I wouldn't get mad about something like this, lol. :)
i agree the movie could have done so much more for the book....i'm not saying it was bad just that it could have been beter...but i do think most of the actors fit the perfect discription like alice was casted perfectly with the pixiehair it was perfect...bella i thought was good too, they didn't get a hollywood im too pretty kind of girl. she has a simple beauty and it was good for the part...Edward= perfection...
all in all i still agree they could have done better
The Princess Bride
Interview with the Vampire i think is the name haven't seen it in a long time but they made that movie just like the book. Me personally i watched the movie first bc i didnt want to get disappointed and i loved the movie and couldnt wait to read the book and after i read it was disappointed bc they left out a lot of good details and my favorite parts lol but overall i do agree with the money they had and the time they did good but i think it could of improved in some areas. I think if they wanted they could do what they did for pirates of the carribean and tape the whole movie more close like the book and then break it apart so its not one long movie. but then again idk if i can wait that long to see the other half lol!


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