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ARO THE COLLECTOR ! But which of the Cullens would he want the most.

Introduction: After Aro* gave Bella King John’s Diamond as a wedding gift.  Edward said: “Aro collects special vampires the way others collect jewels.”

During his confrontation with the Cullens and their Werewolf allies, Aro got to see ALL of the Cullens.

After meeting them all, if he had been able to add five Cullens to his “Vampire menagerie,” which five do you think he would have chosen. And in what order of preference would he have placed them? .
Counterpoint questions:
1.Q: "Jane you were sent to bring back ONE and you return with two and a half?" Question: Was Aro ever going to allow Edward to die, or did he always plan on his being a part of his guard?

(List from the one he would have wanted the most, to the least)


Doc B AKA “The Reading Bear

*Name: Aro

Type: Vampire- Volyuri

ate of Birth: 1000 BC

Originally from: Volturra Italy

Special Ability: Can read the thoughts of those he has been in physical contact with

About Them: Aro is the ultimate leader of the ancient vampire coven known as the Volturi that resides in Volterra Italy. Regarded as “royalty” by other vampires because they have lived for well over three thousand years and act as police, they enforcing the rule that vampires’ existence remain a secret from humans.

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ok ok... I got this!

I think 1st of all he would have wanted Alice because she has the best gift of them all in my opinion
Then Edward because he can be an asset with the reading minds drama
Then Jasper because he can calm emotions
Then maybe Emmett for his strength
And last but not least maybe Carlisle because he is or was his friend and was already with them before

Esme and Rosalie don't really have "gifts"

That's my opinion!
1. Alice--none of his vampires have any talent similar to hers
2. Bella--he has physical shields in his personal guard, but Bella's talent is against mental threats and is projectable over a large area. Plus, if he has Bella he could control Edward (and if he has Edward, he could control Bella).
3. Edward--his talent is similar to Aro's but would expand Aro's arsenal because Edward can read multiple thoughts at once and from a distance. Edward's talent combined with Alice's and Aro's would give Aro almost total omniscience "past, present, future" concerning people's thoughts and intentions.
4. Nessie--she is a rarity, one of a handful of her kind, and her skills (being able to replay everything she witnesses in her thoughts and communicating through touch) would be great tools for Aro. He could use her to spy or observe, then receive a silent report from Nessie with a brush of her hand. Plus, he would be able to use her to control Edward and Bella, while at the same time having the opportunity to study Nessie herself.
5. Jasper--Aro already has Chelsea who can loosen people's loyalties, but Jasper can inspire any type of emotion and can effect many people's moods at once.
1. Bella
2. Alice
3. Renesmee
4. Edward
5. Jasper
Hi Doc,

I guess it would be if I was Aro-
1- Alice He was truely disappointed that she was not there in the field when he first arrived. Plus if he got her Jasper would follow.
2- Edward He thought his gift was quite convenent to not have to touch a person to her there thoughts.
3- Bella She is the only one he knows of to have blocked him and several others. She was a mystery to him.
4- Renesmee She was something he had never come across before. A rarity. If he could get her he then would also have the wolves too.
5- Carlisle They were old friends. And if he could aquire him then he could get the rest as well. Or at the very least Esme, Rose, Emmett and the Denali's

Hope this helps Doc.
renesmee gift does not really matter to me... it is different or unique yes but how can she be an asset with just being able to show people her past n her thoughts?
it's not just her past that she can show--it's anything she's witnessed in her past. So for instance, she can play back whole conversations word for word, or show what she saw someone else do.

Her power would be incredibly useful for spying on people, and she'd be an infallible witness for or against someone, as she could prove their guilt or innocence by "showing" what she heard or saw to Aro.
yes tru but at the same time Aro can see everythign that u ever happened in your life with just one touch so this could have been done by anyone... i mean the whole conversation stuff

if Aro can see it from anyone she is not soo special after all... don't get me wrong I like renesmee but her gift to me is not really useful to the volturi
yes, you make a good point
but Aro can't be everywhere at once--so imagine having Nessie go spy on other vampires, like the Denali or Zafrina for instance. And Aro can only use his power if he's touching the person whose thoughts he wants to know--while Nessie could report things to him even when the person isn't present.
Also, anyone Aro uses his power on knows immediately that Aro is doing so. There could be times when it might be useful for Aro to know what someone is saying or doing outside his presence where he might not want to confront them right away, but to wait and let a situation play out.
Imagine, for instance, that one of the guard tried to convince the others to overthrow Aro. Of course Aro would retaliate, but he might want to wait and see who else decided to join the plot. Nessie would be valuable in spying and reporting what is said or done in her presence, so she could pretend to join and report everything to Aro.
I can think of other scenarios that it would be useful. Besides, Nessie is such a rarity, Aro would want her for that reason alone. And he also knows that if he had Nessie, he could very well end up with Bella and Edward as well, and possibly even Jacob.
ShannonP I can agree to the fact that Aro mite want Nessie for her rarity alone and that once he has nessie he most likely will get Bella and Edward and it's not a possibility about Jacob to me.

He can't stay away from his Nessie so he would have definitely be a part in my opinion

As for the rest of it, it still does not matter because you have to realise that when Nessie sees things and want to show it to other people she touches them and when Aro wants to know about others he touches them...

So anyone would have been as great of a spy as Nessie because if Nessie has to touch Aro to show him and Aro have to touch people to know things... there is not much difference if you understand...

It all works out the same and so anyone could be the spy.
Go back and read what Edward told Bella when they where hunting with Nessie and Jacob. She cant help for people to beleive and love her that could work in Aro's favior
This is a little bit off topic, But in a discussion on Jacobs and Nesse's "pre-natal" (prior to birth, pull) I was speculating about Nese's potential gifts. I keep having this gut feeling that when Stephie finishes Nese's story, we will discover that she is much more powerful than we think. (Pawn to Queen) But I just shared with Okita, and since it was along the same stream of thought, I thought that it might be worth adding.
Dear Okita,
You raise a very interesting question. To what extent did Nese relate too, and impact on others, before she was born? Bella to Nese on Isle Eseme, "I know, I don't want to go either." Edward to Bella prior to Nese's birth. "The baby says it loves you, and that it is trying not to hurt you." Jacob in reference to the pull that had come from "Bella." "As I looked down on her (what he thinks is Bella's corpse) the pull was gone." "The pull that had been there for so long was now coming from downstairs. (where Nese was) But Jacob doesn't undergo the type of imprinting that Sam and Quill did, UNTIL he sees Nese's face. Nese is a very special being. I think that she and Jacob defiantly had a connection. The question is had Jacob partially imprinted on her. Or was Nese exerting an attraction on Jacob. Jacob later was sneaking up on Rosalie and Nese, to kill "The monster : aka Nese" but then, when he saw her face "the center of my universe changed" he tells us. Edward later describes the all most mystical power Nese has over others. "All he had to do was hold her, and he like everyone else was under her spell." (pp) Hopefully in Stephanie Meyer's soon to be released new book : "The Twilight Saga" The official guide, By Stephanie Meyers. This question will be answered, Doc
Is this the face of someone who will overthrow Aro ? Maybe So, Maybe not!


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