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Bella Acts With The Self Controll, And The Desires, Of A Vampire Decades Old, Not Hours ! But Why ?






Bella Acts With The Self Controll, And The Desires, Of A Vampire Decades Old, Not Hours ! But Why ?



After Bella is converted into a Vampire, Edward and the rest of her new family is stunned that she doesn’t have the self controll of a "New Born Vampire," but rather that of a vampire who is decades old. And Bella is surprised too. Because Edward had told her that “for the first few years the thirst shall be so intense that you won’t be able to think about THAT”! (That being an erotic desire, to be physicaly intimate with him) But she is surprised to find that not only is she attracted to him, she is physicaly attracted to him with an intensity that is far, far beyond anything she has  experienced before.






White Rose Question: What is the reason (or reasons) that this is true ? 




Doc B


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You're reason true and I think that because Bella know that she wants to be a vampire, so she can control her self

Dear Ulfah,
You make an excellent point. Since Bella was the only one who choose to become a vampire. She was also the only one who had time to prepare to be a "New Born" Thank you for sharing, Doc

When Bella was human she was a 35 yr old women trap in a teens body. She had a tip of self control as a human and I think she took that and her love for EC with her to her new life. She pepared her self and know it was coming which most don't have that chance. Bella was special in her way and she was found to be a very special vampire. When we read BD we see how hard it was to keep that control she had to tell her self to stay com, she didn't wait to hurt her family. She said she learned that from the wolfs. She did go off on Jake but any mother would, but she tried hard not to until he called her baby Nessie. Then she lost it. Bella's self control to me is SM saying that if we work on how we are and try to control with in, that we can be good. That we can make good choices, Bella is all about protecting the ones she loves. When she woke up for the first time she senced danger and went into defence mode then relizing that she was the danger she comed her self down not wanting to hurt her family. Then when she looked at EC the love, true love feeling rushed through her and all she seen was him.
So to me it was preperation, what she brought with her and true love is how she did it.

Dear Debbie,
You make multiple strong points, but you observation about Bella's free choice to me is especially insightful. Stephanie has on multiple occasions said questions about, "free choice" were especialy of interest to her. For example she said: "The members of my Church even avoids drinking caffeinated drinks, because we don't to become addicted to ANYTHING. Not even caffeine. Because if we did we would loose some of our FREE CHOICE. I keep a looking for example of actions by characters in her novels who demonstrate strength through free choice. Your observation " "Bella's self control to me is, SM's saying that if we work on how we are, and try to control (what's) with in, that we can be good. That we can make good choices." I think that Stephanie would agree with you 100% And I know that she would want to say: "Well done Debbie, you hit on what to me is a very important concept.". Thanks for sharing, Doc

Bella was mature as a child. She was intense. She over-thought everything. I think preparation (maturity) nhand LOVE are her secrets. Being pregnant was also key -- LOVE for yet another that she will bring life to. It's her "shield" -- that protective, motherly-type of a shield that we, as mothers, use to protect what's ours.

Dear Robin,
Great points. Bella was VERY mature. (She of course has always been Stephanie's alter ego, and was in her 30's when she wrote the saga. That is not to say that there are not some VERY mature high school women. As I teacher I learned that lesson very well) And your point about "Bella being a good protective mother" (pp) is also a strong observation. When I was an intern, I use to deliver babies at a large inner city hospital. To me you could tell the moment a child was put in her mother's arms, if the mother was going to be a good mother. And Bella was certainly a great mom. Thanks for sharing, Doc

Renesmee is such a beautiful baby. I was so excited when I read that Edward and Bella were going to have a baby. The rest of the family seemed a bit skeptical of what might happen, but Bella knew deep down that someway somehow everything was going to be just fine. I especially loved that part when Bella and Edward got back from their honeymoon. When they got to the airport and Rosalie instantly came to Bella's defense, because everyone else felt that they should get rid of the baby. But there was not much they could because since Rosalie came to Bella's defense, Emmett came to Rosalie's defense, him being the bigger one of the group.
Bella has always been more mature than the rest of the people of her age might be a reason. Her preparedness helped a bit also. But how about the shielding of her mind that represses and blocks everything bad is like she said her mind is private, her shield could easily without her knowing could be blocking those newborn tendencies. Also while she was burning she was injected with morphine which made her unable to move at all so she had no choice but to take the pain, while no one had any idea what she was really going thru she found herself spending time counting Edwards breath. It's like training she learned to control herself even after the morphine wore off she found herself able to control her tendency to scream and move. Like I said it probably has to do with her shielded mind, her preparedness and herself training while going thru burning stage of the process. Thats why she skipped the newborn stage she learned to control it so her mind was free to think and act on other things.

Dear Manuel,
You make lots of excellent points. BUT i think that your observations about her shielding AND the fact that Bella had already endured (without moving) the worst torture possible in the world. Is very, very insightful. Thanks for sharing, Doc PS I always learn so much participating in these discussions.

Bear story:

When my dad got back from the second world war, he told me about an experience a professor friend of his had. He said: Doc (senior) I had taught students for 20 years,but the day I entered my class room after the gi bill had been passed, I was literally stunned (The Gi bill provided that returning American war veterans, could go to college free) He went on to say that: As the year passed, I discovered that most all of my students had faced death some on many occasions. That some had dug shallow graves, with their hands for their best friends. And that others had literally walked into the face of hell itself. The maturity and personal power of those young men was simply awe inspiring. PS "They went on to be described as "America's greatest generation." lolDB

Pat Tillman was an Arizona football player, who gave up tens of millions of dollars to enlist to fight in Afghanistan after 9-11. He was killed in action.
When Bella transformed into a vampire, everything that was apart of her when she is human sort of was brought into a whole new level or rather 'intensifies'..
Because she had prepared herself and it was her choice to be transformed into a vampire, therefore I believe that is why she doesn't reacts like a new born but rather a decades old vampire, and to support this point, SM wrote that she is an adult stuck in a teen (paraphrase), so she is mentally matured, even though when she was a human...

Intensed physical desires: As I mentioned earlier, my opinion is her love for Edward intensified along with her transformation, making her needing him ever more. I hope that do explain most of it.....

Sincerely, Natshane:)

Dear Natshane,
You make several excellent points. But I am especially interested in your observation "it was her choice to be transformed into a vampire" As you may know Stephanie use to teach a class at her church. (Wouldn't it have been fun to have been in THAT class?)
And she has said "Free will" (the choices we make) is a VERY interesting topic to her. I'll bet that she has taught classes on how our use of our free will, will impact on our future lives.

Bella's decision to accept death and become a vampire is a powerful example of her use of her "free will" to make the decisions that will control her destiny. Thank you for sharing with us, Doc



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