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Introduction: Bella and Edward's first kiss was a powerful moment in both the novel and the movie "Twilight." In the novel, the scene occurs when Bella and Edward are standing close to Bella's truck. After Edward had carried her on his back, down the mountainside, from "their meadow" (pages: 281-283 TW.) In the movie Bella and Edward's first kiss occurs in the bad room. 



  White Rose Discussion question: Part one: Bella and Edwards first kiss ! Did you prefer the way that the scene was portrayed more in the novel, or in the movie ? And why?

Optional Question: Stephanie Meyer felt that the way that the original "kissing" scene in the movie "Twilight" was portrayed was too (sensual or sexual) consequently the director cut the scene to only one kiss and removed the "intimate embracing" Do you think that you would have prefered the original version ?






Doc B


PS: To assist in your analyses I am including several photos of Bella and Edward kissing. 
This question was inspired, by what I think, is an even more challenging one, which was raised by Kimmie, concerning the movie and novel's versions of Bella's discovery that Edward is a vampire. In trying to answer her question, I began to ponder this one.  lol RB

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You make a great point. Seeing the tension in Edward's face was wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Doc

I definitely preferred the kiss in the book. it was just so intense. It was like you were really there when everything occurred. I personally would give anything in this world to be in Bella's place with Edward right now. I just pray and hope that they bring as much as they can from the book to the movie when Eclipse comes out. I have read through the series twice now and both times I sooooo wanted or wished that Edward (Robert Pattinson) was here with me at this very moment. I will always want and wish for true love to happen to me in that way, even though I know that more than likely will not.
I prefer Edward and Bella's first kiss from the book I think that it's better it's something that you can just picture while your reading there first kiss was something that should be remembered and I think that the book did a much better job at creating the scene in my head. The movies verson of the kiss was nothing like I thought that it should be.

Dear Baby J,
Excellent point. In the novel Stephanie builds their first kiss up by placing it after the wonderful meadow scene. Thanks for sharing, Doc

I had no clue how difficult it was for Edward until I read the midnight sun draft.
With out this insight into Edwards Psyche it would be difficult for me to understand
the full ramification. I love the movie scene because I love the visual of Edward and Bella.
Of course the book from Bella's perspective was in retrospect her first kiss. We did not
know that it is Edwards first kiss too.

Dear Wolf Eagle, Excellent point. Midnight Sun is so insightful. In Kimmie's discussion, we were discussing "The phone call" Another description of Edward's feeling that Stephanie wrote. I am including it's url address, since I know that you (like I) value getting to know Edward. Thanks for sharing Doc

The book's kiss was very sweet, and innocent. In the book it was Bella who "over-reacted" and started to intensify the kiss where in the movie it looked more like Edward was the one getting carried away (with Bella following) instead of the other way around. I do think that they movie was a lot more sexy, but the whole movie was more rushed than the book so it was sort of like many kisses in one heated kiss. Also I personally think that they should have had Bella wearing pants (sweats to be more specific) and it would have lessoned the sex appeal and would have been more accurate to the story.
In the book Edward and Bella's first kiss was both sensual and sexual (opinions do differ) and i do prefer the book's version. In the movie it got not necessarily over rated but it was kind of awkward in my eyes. In the book there was just the right amount of emotion there needed to be for everyone because everybody has a different image in their mind as they read. Plus Bella's attire in the movie's kiss scene was not properly fitted to the the clumsy inelagent Bella from the story.

Dear JJ, You make an excellent point, Bella always wore sweat pants. She says that her mom had bought her a pajama set (I think from Victoria's) but after reading how she reacted when she saw the clothes Alice had packed for her, I think that she would have prefered "her seweat pants." Thank you for sharing.

Dear JJ, I just happened to have this photo shot durring one of the "takes" for the movie and it apears that they did shoot the scene with Bella in her sweats. They must have decided to go with the other. If they had not, as you say, it would have been more authentic, Doc
Well what do ya know, thanks for sharing. This looks so much more like "Bella" then it does when it was shot in her underwear. Nothing against underwear, the sweats just seem to be "Bella". I can only imagine on set "great job you guys, now Kristen take your pants off and lets try the take again" (haha).

Dear JJ, "great job you guys, now Kristen take your pants off and lets try the take again" Just tooo, wonderful!!!! Doc


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