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How do you feel about how Bella treated Edward in Eclipse the movie?

I mean i knew that she did wrong things & that she shouldn't have in
Eclipse.. but really. She was just a b**ch. Like she yelled at him
telling him to leg go of her when Jake came to school & her to drive
her to La Push. That was never in the book & it made me want to
shoot her. Like Edward was so hurt! & when she asked Jake to kiss
her, she was like all over him. But i knew that was gonna happen. I just
hated seeing it. (Even though Jake is sexy in the movie ;}) I hated
that she didn't go back to the tent and cry her eyes out & that Jake
didn't "yell" at her when she went to visit him in his house after he
broke his body or whatever.

Bella was a horrible person in Eclipse. I mean i read it, but it was harder to have seen it than i
though. LMAO.

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I feel the same.. hated her in this movie.
I think in Eclipse Bella was trying to deal with alot, she reliezes that she does love Jake but not as much as Edward. She knows she want Edward forever but has a hard time with marriage. She wants to please Charlie but also have her independence. I can understand she was angry with Edward, and I loved the note passing scene in the book, I did not like at all how she takes off with Jake. In the book she seems more commited to every aspect in her life. In the movie she has a hard time being a friend, a girlfriend, and a daughter all at once. I think if they showed a lil less of the newborn army they could have gotten the management of her life better. There were some scenes thou did make me want to cry between Edward and Bella. I wish Edward wouldn't have looked so needy. It put him on Jacob's level, I believe Edward to be more confident then that.
"I think if they showed a lil less of the newborn army they could have gotten the management of her life better. "

I thought the exact same thing! It's like they were trying to make the movie appeal more to guys this time. They really messed up not focusing on the romance part. That is why I was disappointed after I saw it.
I really wanted to cry at some point during the movie, but I just wasn't feeling it.
IK! i hated this movie so much ( because of Bella) i liked some of it though... just she ruined it & the script writer was stupid in not making it more like the book.
I know she was yelling and things, but she had alot going on. Edward- I did feel bad for him during the movie, but Bella, i think, was confused, Jake was trying to get in her head and confuse her. He was trying to convince her that he was the one she loved, not him. She loved both of but Edward more. I mean she was getting married to Edward, Jake was trying to mess with her head, Jake loved her, She tried to be with Edward alot. I see why she was like that.
Yea, i understand you. ECLIPSE is my favorite book! & i loved the story. I never thought Bella was stupid or anything in the BOOK. But the MOVIE ruined everything............
I disagree about her being stupid only in the movie. She totally messed up the proposal scene in the book. Or when she fell for Jacob's "I'm going to die" speech so he could kiss her again.
I was so mad when I read that last part. I wanted to pull her out of the book so I could kick her ass for hurting Edward.
I hate the proposal scene in the book (well I don't hate it) but it is the scene that I do HATE Bella the most in the book. I completely want to slap her throughout that scene. I feel that each time I read it and start to go "awh" then Bella starts being negative and ruins the moment. So that is probably why I liked the movie version so much better (I didn't have to put up with Bella's thoughts).
Nah, it never bothered me. I mean put yourselves in that situation. I mean there are definetly things that i hated her for doing. But she was never rude to Edward.. In the movie she yelled at him to let her go so she would go with Jacob... and when they finished kissing.... hated her so much. In the book you can tell that she regretted it & cried & hated herself for doing that to Edward...
i agree with JJ about the proposal scene. Its the most beautiful scene in the movie and like i said be4 at least they didnt write the awful"show me the damn ring Edward" line in there. She looked real excited and happy when he proposed.

They wanted to show another side of Edward and that is why he might have appeared "needy". He does seem more jealous than in the book. But he also knew what it felt like to lose the love of his existence and knew what it felt like to think that she died, i can hardly blame Edward for being a bit obsessed. If i had that kind of devotion and endless love for some1 id probably do the same.

I too wanted to slap Bella when i read the book, many times i wanted to give her a jon cena attitude adjustment. But to be fair here, u cant blame bella for what how Edward was treated, That's all MR's fault for adapting the book to how SHE saw fit.
Yes that line really broke my heart in the book, I too am glad that it was not there.
I had mixed feelings about Bella in this movie. On one hand, she was funnier, and more sarcasitc about her predicament as she is in the books. I don't find Bella to be a very passionate or emotive actress. This movie needed more of that so much and it left me wanting. I think what happened was hurtful for Edward but this was how it was always going to be. Those of you who hated that part of it should just console yourself with the fact that she ends up with edward and above all, she chooses him. I think she had to do what she did to Jacob. In her heart, she had no choice, you can't choose who to love and who not to love and when you love someone, you sometimes have to save them from theirselves. I think it is Jacob who was in the wrong and very manipulative, not Bella. She's just misunderstood lol!


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