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Bella's Prom, Which Version Of The "Twilight" Prom Chapter Do You Prefer ?


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Bella's Prom, Which Version Of The "Twilight" Story Do You Prefer ?

Introduction: "Stephanie never uses a sentence when a paragraph can do," her editor use to jokingly say. Stephanie Meyer's manuscript editor loved "Twilight" but she told her that some of the scenes would have to be shortened. One scene that was reduced was the chapter describing how Alice prepared Bella for her prom. As a matter of fact the revised version of the story ended up being almost the opposite of what she originaly intended. (To read Stephanie's original description go to : ) It is fun and well worth reading. In Meyer's original version the Cullens, Charlie, and Edward all conspired, and had Alice do one of her "famous Bella make overs," to insure that Bella was really going to be the "BELL OF THE BALL" at her prom!

After the manuscript editor removed "Alice's story" from the chapter, Bell ended up being like her old self again. She wore a nice but simple cotton dress with a modest sweater. In the original version Alice put her into a beautiful corseted gown. When Bella saw herself in the mirror she was stunned. " I looked tall and beautiful, but I felt as if I was half in and half out of the top of my gown. And for the first time in my life I HAD CLEAVAGE!" (paraphrased)

Rosalie and Alice put Bella's hair up and did her make up.
Edward left the family car at home and drove her to her prom in his Aston Martin Viper.

Alice put her blue and white sneaker aside, and then put a Biviano like stiletto shoe, on her "good" foot."
If you read the original version of the story (at the above web address) you will see that Alice transformed Bella into what looked like, a very un-Bella looking debutante.

Question no 1. Do you prefer the final version of the story that Stephanie's editor, and her movie's director decided on. Or would you have preferred it if they had stuck with Stephanie's original vision of the event? And why ?

Question no 2. Which incident in either version, do you enjoy the most ?

Most sincerely,
Doc B

i preffer the book version, because the movie cut some parts, what is sad due to the story is so beautiful.
i love the scene that they have their first kiss *.*
i love when they made almost sex =). wonderful
Dear Renata,
I couldn't agree with you more, Stephanies desription of their first kiss, and almost making love, and the scene were they were sitting next to each other, durring the biology movie were just wonderful. I recently learned that they started to shoot the biology movie scene. Just wish that they had time to include it. Thx Doc

As I said, I unferstand that they worked on but didn't put thr biology movie scene in the final movie, Doc

i hate how they didnt include the bio scene when they were testing to see what their blood type was and i also agree with renata the kiss and almost love scene was amazing and dont get me wrong the movie was WONDERFUL and i love it i own like all the versions of the twilight movie lol but i think it would be better if they had made the movie exactly like the book because that would have rocked out loud rofl also have to add that i so envy bella i wish i had edward to my self or a guy like edward but i have to add that they did a amazing job picking out the characters for the movie i dont think anyone except robert pattinson would have been the perfect edward. I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON HE IS SO SEXY. rofl agian.
This is an interesting passage to analyze, since there were three different women who wrote three different interpretations of the event.

There was Stephanie Meyer's original vision.Which was edited out of the book but preserved for us as an out take.

There was Megan Tinley's (the editor of the Novel "Twilight") version.
Epilogue to the novel "Twilight" pages 481-486

And there was Mellisa Rosenberg version. (The author of the screenplay for the movie "Twilight")
Final Scene "the Prom"
I agree with that, all the process of turning Bella into a beautiful bride was completely adorable. They should include those special details. Hopefully they will. Got my fingers crossed.
Dear Merlin,
Boy I couldn't agree more. THEY HAVE GOT TO FIX BELLA UP FOR HER WEDDING. Kristen can be sooo pretty when she is done up. Thank you for sharring with us, Doc

Doc, that is a gorgeus photo of Kristen by the way and of course it´s my pleasure to keep sharing in this excellent discussion forum. I am reading Breaking Dawn for the second time now and it`s my favorite, so you will see me around here very often. Regards from Venezuela.....
I agree
I loved the movie version of the prom chapter. It was so in keeping with Bella's no-frills attitude. Also, practical for standing on Edward's feet to dance. The music playing is also so touching. I love the scene as she offers her neck to Edward. So seductive.
Dear Susan You make an excellent point. The movie scene where Bella offered Edward her neck was a wonderful image. Thx Doc


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