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Ok so, I've been in love with the silver turquoise cuff that Kristen wears as Bella in the movies. She's still wearing the same one in the NM movie posters I've seen. Anyway, I really want to buy a replica...I was just looking online to see what I could find but most of the replicas are a little too pricey. Does anyone know a good place to get one that is reasonably priced? Has anyone bought a replica? If so I would love to hear about it or see a pic. I've attached a couple pics of the bracelet I'm talking about. Thanks! = )

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no i haven't seen one.. sorry..

but i'm searching out for the crystal heart.. that edward has given her... do you know where i can find one
that is not to pricey?
i've seen different versions of that bracelet, most of them have the wolf charm on it too bc both charms were on one chain in the book. I think they might sell them at hot topic, i know there are a lot of online stores that sell replicas. if u google it i'm sure u'll find plenty.


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