The Twilight Saga

ok guysss let's see what do you like best??????

Courtesy of Summit Entertainmen;

Courtesy of Christian Siriano

Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

Courtesy of Erin Fetherston

Courtesy of Brian Reyes

Courtesy of Max Azria

Courtesy of Prabal

Courtesy of Lela Rose

Courtesy of Badgley Mischka

Courtesy of Zac Posen

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i prefer the second one more classic more bella and edward
i think the
Courtesy of Christian Siriano would be perfect for bell because its just so her love it

There all so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
I love these dresses but none are like the one I imagined because I think that it's white not to big but just the right size, the hand placements are all consentrated on the ring, and it's not to frilly but just right. (:
Dear Ice,

Thank you again for starting another excellent discussion topic. My favorite dress is the one by Siriano.

When I was reading your post today, it inspired me to also start a discussion on Bella's dresses from a different perspective. I in no way would ever want to interfere in an on going discussion of yours. But since your's was on some beautiful sketch reviews, and mine was more of a crazy wedding dress "scavenger hunt" I didn't feel that they would over lap. As a matter of fact they may well increase interest in both. If mine draws any interest that is.

One other thing I have been wanting to tell you. And that is how blessed all of us are, to have you here at the Discussion Site. I like to skim over current topics. And over and over again as I do, I come across one of your excellent posts after another.

Thanks for all you do for us.

Your friend,
Doc B
Dear Doc B,

hehehe you're welcome!! Thanks for the compliments i really appreciate it! :)

hehehe your not interfering.,. and i don't mind! :) lol hey thank you for reading my recent posts! i'm really happy!
i'm glad that you all appreciate what i do here and i will continue to serve you all!

my happiness can't be put in to words!!

thank you

ICE :)
the dresses r nice but i think its not that much of bellas style they should do a train and then do it around the theme of the ring like alice did in the book
the dress drawn by lela rose is probaly closse to how i imagined bella dress
hmmmm it's great right?


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