The Twilight Saga

I got to meet Charlie Bewley who plays as Demetri on Twilight New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!!!!  Last night, after I got off work, I went to the Legion where Charlie Bewley and Matt Dallas (Kyle Xy) was at.  Charlie is an amazing person!  He is so kind, funny, gorgeous!!!!  He was nice enough to take a pic with me.


Me with Charlie Bewley.... *sighs*


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I know right?  He really had a great personality.  He is funny, kind, and warm.  Just a great guy all around!  :)  It was enjoyable meeting him.  He gave me a hug three times and how can it be any better than that?!  We even joked around a bit.... *sighs*
Exactly Twi!!

I already got the scoop from Twitter ;)  Thanks Irene though!  He just changed my life LOL.  I am now following him in Twitter ;)


I would love to meet Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.  My sister wants to meet Taylor LOL

Slim to none we will ever meet them, but I have always wanted to meet Kristen... Charlie said she is an amazing woman.  Shy and kind and all that.  I have huge respect for anyone who is family oriented.  :)




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