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"Breaking Dawn" The Movie: Just How Much of Alice's Story Would You Like To See?
Introduction: By dividing the novel "Breaking Dawn" into two movies, there will be more than enough time to add all or part of Alice's story. 
(In Eclipse we got to see cameo versions of Jasper and Rosalie's past) To help fill out Bree Tanner's life (for the film "crew") Stephanie Meyer did a "writing exercise" that turned into the novella "Bree Tanner."
White Rose Discussion Question; Just how much of Alice's story would you like to see during, one or both of the upcomming "Breaking Dawn" movies. And would you like for Stephanie to expand on Alice's story? And if so how? 
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Hi Joe,

I think so too' Im new too and this is my first coment!!!! I love Alice she is so nice and I realy realy love her!!! somtimes I do something and I can say hey thet thing is something thet Alice would do!!! (of cours I say thet on other figurs too but also about her)

im sorry if I misspell somthing I usually donwt write in english... XD

Joe, I don't blame you one not liking the first two movies.  Most of the book fans agree that the first two, Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon, sucked big time!  Not that I know anything about the industry, but personally I think I could have done a better job of directing.  Now Twilight: Eclipse was very good, compared to the first two.  It stayed true to the book's story line, the acting was three notches higher, and the action and tech levels were great.  This last book/ two movies should be the best of the series.  That is if they get a great director again that can bring the characters to life and they stay true to the book.  That is the key to making a great movie from a book.
As much as possible....But I am not thrilled to see much from Jacob's point of view though.
I for one would love to know ALL of Alice's story from beginning to the present.  But then I want to know everyones story in detail from beginning to present, and then I hope she she continues on with them.  It's too bad that Bree was killed.  She would have made a great addition to the Cullen Clan.  I'm sure that there are others out there that Carlisle and Esme can adopt into the family.  Now that Edward and Bella have a home of their own, I can see the others wanting their own as well, but still close to the family home.  That will leave an empty nest and Carlisle will want to fill it to make Esme happy.  Such wonderful possibilities.
Most of her story should be explored like Rose and Jasper. Even if her life before she was turned isn't very clear, We could see how she lived before she met Jazz and the Cullens.
Well, we do learn a little about Alice in the first book Twilight from James of all people.  If you recall as he's taunting Bella in the Ballet studio he tells her of another human girl that he found locked in an insane asylum that he had desired years ago but one of his enemies turned her before he had a chance to get her.  That girl turned out to be Alice.
they should show all of alice's story who doesn't love alice?!!
Well it would be wonderful if all of it but that would be extending the movie a bit. In order to understand Alice better the one part that I would like to see is when and why her parents put her in the place where she was discovered by the old vampire. Also to see when did she noticed that  she sees vision. But for the Breaking Dawn I think the best way to show it is, when the old vampire meets her and turns her into a vampire for her protection from James to where she waits for jasper and later meets the Cullen. I guess for a film to add another character's story it would lengthen the movie alot. So just to see when and why she was turn is great enough.
WOW! I guess I better go back and read the first book again!!!! I totally must have missed that part! Thanks for sharing that!


   I agree with you. I personally would LOVE to know the complete Alice story, and I am hoping that maybe (just maybe) SM will write more on the rest of the Cullens as couples. For instance how they met each other the complete stories. They could be little Novella's like Bree's story was. There is so much we don't know and are dying to find out in the world of Twilight.


I would like to see a portion of her story,but I dont want them to overdo it.I am mostly looking forward to Jacob's side.

Jailah Black

I love Alice and very much wish that her full story could be told.  However I don't see how to make that fit into Breaking Dawn.  Any suggestions?


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