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"The Official Bree Tanner Web Site" has announced that it is offering to make the Novella "Bree Tanner,"  availabe and FREE to anyone who would like to go to their web site and read it. (This is not unlike what Stephanie Meyer did with her novella, "Midnight Sun."  And it was also announced that the transcript of 'Bree Tanner" would remain available from June 5th through July the 7th. At this url address To be able to better inform our members of this opportunity, I went to the site. BUT once there, I couldn't acess the novella. If you are able to figure out how to access it, please leave instructions for our other members. 



Introduction: In our previous "Open and Free" White Rose Discussions: The format that I have used, is for me to start them off with a COUPLE of questions, on the topics that interest me. Discussion participants are invited to answer any or all of the questions. AND they are also invited to ADD QUESTIONS OF THEIR OWN. To make it easier for all of the members to find the new questions that you raise, simply go to the large white "add a reply" box under the introduction and add your question, That will make it easier for the other members to find it.. 



We always look forward to learning your opinion. Sincerely yours, Doc B



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Question: If Victoria's plan had been successful, and she had been able to kill Bella (and let's say Esme and Alice as well) and then she had fled. What do you think would have happened? EC to Victoria, Q: James was obviously attracted to you, because of your gift for being able to make quick escapes. " (PP)

Done-zo Bear

Well you would have one very upset group of Cullens, and I think that they would all want revenge (even Carlisle). You do not mess with a vampire and their mate. Carlisle might actually use his connections with the Volturi and get their help, and Demetri (isn't that the tracker?) to help them find her. If they can make an alliance with werewolves over Victoria I don't see why they can't make one with the Volturi.
Dear JJ,
That's what I think. When Carlisle is talking strategy (before the wolf pack joins the allies) he sees no way to avoid some death. But from how he sounded it seemed like they would loose one or two. But it doesn't matter who they lost, the Cullens would hunt Victoria down if they had to spend 50 years scouring the earth. I think that Edward would take his life to be with Bella. But not before he hunted Victoria down. He would track her until Hell literally froze over.

How to Find Bree Tanner for free on the internet" Lori Moton left this message: Regarding reading the Bree Tanner novella free, just go to Stephanie's offical web site and click on the link, it will then open up a reader right there in the web browser. It's somewhat annoying to navigate but once you figure out the controls it's a breeze. Simple reading too, finished in just a few hours myself. Hope this helps!
Sincerely Lori
Thank you very much Lori
Dear Doc B,

I think It would be the time that Edward would really find a way to be with Bella...
Maybe do something that the Volturi won't like so that they don't have the choice but to kill him...
Because, even though Edward is selfish as what he think he is, he would never be able to take revenge
for Bella for as long as Carlisle is there...

I agree with you about every thing but Carlisle. I think he is a wonderful man but when it comes to defending his family, I think that is something else.

Bree Tanner to Carlisle Cullen, Q: "I don't want to fight you." Carlisle Q. I don't want to fight you either little one."
Yours Doc

Well the rest of the Cullens including Edward will probably want revenge for the death of their loved ones, the one person who will react to vengence with thinking about it is Jasper. Carlisle one hand will for the first time will be very torn apart for having lost his soulmate that maybe it will be a long time before he decides on revenge nontheless it will be on his mind. Edward will definitely want revenge and will probably not stop until he kills Victoria, but then after not able to live without the love of his existence will find a way to stop on living either by provoking the volturi because non of the Cullens will not do it. all in all the will be very angry.
Dear Manuel,
I agree with you. Jasper would be "pure hell" to have on your tail. When Alice and Bella were headed to Volturia and Alice told Bella, that they might not return, the thought that flashed through my mind was; :If the Volturie kill Alice, the next question will be: "How many of the Volturie will Jasper kill ?"
Jasper Quote: "When I touched her hand. I felt hope." Thanks for sharing wioth us, Doc

Question: To put Bree at ease, Riley shared "secerates' with her that were known only by Ninja Club members. Why do you think that Diego gave that information to Riley?
To keep Bree alive, Riley could of smelled her sent and told Diego that he was going to kill Bree to so he told him all this because he know she wouldn't do anything if she thought he was ok.
I agree with you.I know Victoria tortured, Diego. But I don't think that that was when he gave up the information. I think that if Victoria learned that Bree knew the secerate that might cause her whole army to take off. That there wouldn't be anyway she would have allowed Bree to survive, Which would mean Diego shared the information with "his friend" Riley before they went to see Victoria.
How do you know Victoria tortured Diego?


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