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Could Bella And Edward's relationship, Have "Made It," In Real Life In Your High School? If Edward had Been Human?

Could Bella And Edward's relationship, Have "Made It," In Real Life In Your High School? If Edward had Been Human?
Introduction: Bella and Edward's relationship was never normal. It was ALWAYS obsessive. Example: Edward spending days just sitting at the end of Bella's bed just watching her. Bella being constantly aware of ever possible thought and action Edward had.  Bella Quote; "No one was as aware of where Edward would be every second, as I was.. It was SICK!!"

Discussion question: IF Bella and Edward had been a real couple, and if Edward had not been a vampire, and IF they had been third year ( junior class) students in your high school, do you think that their relationship would have made it in the long, long run?


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I am going to say no...Although they had a great relationship in the book and were obsessed with each other, it was also because of edward being a vampire. She was obsessed with him not only because of his personality, but also his smell, looks, abilities, and so forth. Edward was fascinated by her scent, her imperfections, and her as a person. If they were real and edward was human, it would become unhealthy, I think. Bella would not have the vampire attributes to admire, and edward wouldn't be attached to her smell. I think they would of had to find some more common ground...and If I was in high school again, who had a boy that was obsessed with me from the get go, it would be a little scary. Things start out slow in the real world, not like in the books. So maybe, if it started out different and had more in common that what I said. Having the same taste in music and some same favorite books won't make it last. Not going to lie, in the real world after being with each other all the time, its nice to have a break once in a while. They never had that. To me, edward is the unattainable love; the one we all wish we could have but isn't really possible. Jacob on the other hand, in more down to earth and makes more sense. We all want a edward, but the best they will ever be is a jacob, if even that :p.
Dear Redejb 
You make a wonderful point. A significant part of Edward's appeal to Bella was do to  (as you say with: " his smell, looks, abilities, and so forth.) Stephanie does something interesting in Twilight she has her characters do a psychological role reversal.. Objectifying the opposite sex is a male phenomenon. BUT Stephanie has Bella objectify Edward.You say "If Edward was human, it would become unhealthy," Wonderful point. Objectification can be valuable in bringing two people together. But it had better be replaced pretty promptly with affection for the partners or the relationship is headed for a dead end. You make another wonderful point: "The Best will be a Jacob IF that..
Hi  all!  Doc, I love the pics on this site! I partly agree with you, redeib87. I still believe in initial attraction and an initial understood warmth that happens between 2 people; it's almost unexplainable!
Dear Michelle,
You make a wonderful point. Isn't love fascinating. We meet thousands of people in our lifetime, and yet psychologists tell us that within 60 seconds of meeting someone of the opposite sex we "sense" if we can partner with them for life. For thousands of years the ancients of course believed that love was caused by a shot from cupids arrow. 
Watching the kid's of today... yes I think it would stand the test of school time..But Im not so sure how or what the outcome would be once the schoolday's were left behind....!!!!
Dear Dawn,
You make a wonderful point. Would their love be able to last. I had fun watching "Pride and Prejudice" again last weekend. It was fun watching Elizabeth wrestle with the questions of what her prospective partners characters were like and how they would interact with personality over a lifetime. Fun..... The BBC's 5 hour Collin Firth cinema adaptation is a delight.


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