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Did anyone else throw there books at the wall when Edward left Bella in New Moon? And Who else is dying to see the new sequel?

When Edward left Bella, I sat the book down on my coffee table for a few days. Trying to go on a sort of strike, I guess. But eventually my curriosity got the best of me. Did anyone else feel this way?

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It takes me the longest to read New Moon because Edward isn't in it much and it bores me a little without him.
It took me some time too. Edward not being in most of it sucked, but the part that bothered me the most was that there were just pages and pages of Bella driving around forks.
i did
It took me a little while to read because of Edward being gone
i actually cried.....thts sad isnt it....?
Yeah I would get mad when Jake and Bella would get too close too lol!! I'm like hey hey!
well im dieing to see new moon...when edward left i cried and i was at school and i was down with my test so i hid my face and put it away and told my best friend that was reading the first chapter of bella's bday and i didnt look at the book until i got home after dance practice and forgot abut my homework beause my curriosity got the best of me once again..!!!!!!!!!!!
At first i was devestaed. Then I realized after reading on that I hated Edward and loved Jacob so i was mad when Bella when to Italy to get Edward. Team Jacob all the way!
I didnt throw it then, cause i knew he'd be back somehow. BUT, i DID literally throw my book and said out loud "What the hell?" in Eclipse when Bella kissed Jacob back. I seriously thought about stopping right there.
Me too I was so angry! Like how could she and she had the nerve to like it too! lol
I'm reading it again right now. I've read it several times ,but this was the first time I had to swallow my tears Very Strange
yes i did


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