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OKAY was anyone else TOTALLY pissed they took that lline out of the movie !1!?!?! Because i was

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i wasss soo pissed and they also took out the scence where bella faints and edward comes to help her=[
i wanted to see that biology scene with mike and edward they totaly didnt show how edward hates mike!
Yeah! they took out everything with them sitting together at lunch and the blood type. It was ridiculous. They tool aout a lot of stuff that added to the story.
I WAS!!!! :((
Heck yeah I was mad. Who wasn;t. All my friends were.
I know.

They should of had the blood testing scene in it too.

And the full meadow bit and the proper baseball scene.

Maybe even when Alice,Jasper and Bella are in the hotel and Jasper takes her to the bathroom so she can get ready before they leave, then she runs away, all she did was hide then run. How obvious is that though?
I was ticked about a lot of the things they did/said in the movie. I hated that they changed the part about her saying "radioactive spiders" being on a field trip instead of in the car. I hated that they had that great conversation at dinner, but it wasn't in the movie. The almost rape scene in the book was in a deserted area of town & she never went to the books store - in the movie, it was when she was coming out of the book store. The first time they touched was in class, not in the car. Gosh, I could go on & on forever. I was pretty upset about it all.
o yea! i forgot that! it was cute! now i'm pissed...
omg me 2.!! i was soo mad. and they took the medow part out i loved that part. like they showed like a slide show kindda thing but it wasnt the same.!!!!
yeees!! i couldnt believe it! that is like sooo edward and they didnt put it. its like a principal characteristic of him, that he dazzles people all the time!
omg i was soo mad because that (to me) was a big part but they just lest it out
Yes im was totally pissed off? Why ruin the famous quote! Kill the director


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