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OKAY was anyone else TOTALLY pissed they took that lline out of the movie !1!?!?! Because i was

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i was!! That was like one of the funniest/bbest parts that was just cute. lol
&& they never once said during the movie "i love you" what is that?!
omg i know !
and they took out the biology scene with mike and edward !
i wanted to see that
and i really think they screwed up the medow scene
and they had their first kiss after the medow scene and after that (i think) edward says "you're intoxicated by my very precence" which is my other fav lline !! and it wasnt in there !
i totally agree
I agree!!!
Those were some of the parts that i was most excited to see!
they left out alot of the good stuff!
It was funny though because i went to see Twilight with my sister and through out the whole movie i kept saying "that part didn't even happen, that doesn't happen yet, they skipped a part!, and etc"
she got mad at me lol
overall i liked the movie though..
Wow, they didn't even say I love you!?! That is so weird - I'm surprised I didn't catch that in my 3 viewings of the film. :)
i think the movie could have been better and they didnt need to change things. They added stuff that werent even in the book. they could take those out and put something that was in the book. i actually thought about it and they can fit the whole book into one movie.
I totally agree with you. I started a discussion about the things they added and left out, but I can't find my way around this site, so it's probably lost somewhere.

The pivotal meadow scene where Edward reveals himself in all his glory and kisses Bella for the first time is also gone.
The movie had no passion at all.
Hope they do better next time. The books are perfect, who needs all those additions??? They didn't help at all.
I was dissappointed that that line was taken out and many other things as well. They changed alot of things in the movie.
I liked the movie but I do wish they would have made it longer so they did'nt have to change so much.
Me too. It's one of the things I missed the most; it's such a cute part and it was completely left out. And they also left out blood typing in Bio that is one of my fave scenes. The movie was pretty good but they left out most of my favorite lines and screwed up the ones that they left in. They ruined the meadow scene and presented the vampire myth so weirdly.

They even mentioned dazzling in one of the interviews on MTV. Does anyone else remember that?
I hated when he was jumping all over the place... and trying to be scary, and then he says, "I still don't know if I can control myself" in this sweet voice that makes you love him... it was too scattered.
that was too weird.
i mean none of that was supposed to happen at the same time
ughh that was like the worst part of the movie because they totally messed it up


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