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My boyfriend and I were talking and he told me he didn't believe in soulmates. I was quite shock. I love the idea of their someone is perfect just for you out there somewhere. Just waiting for the right time so the two can meet. As you can see I do believe that there is a perfect for everyone.

What do you think? I want to hear everyone opinion.

Do you believe that every wil meet their perfect mate someday?

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I wholly believe in soul mates.
I know theres a perfect person for you out there and you will find them.
Bella found Edward.
i do believe in soul mates...and that it takes a long time for someone to find their soul mate. I guess the idea of there being someone for everyone, out there somewhere gives people the hope to actually go looking for that special someone.
I believe so too.
I don't believe in soul mates, there are what like 6 billion people in the would and the chance that you're going to find that one person is not good. Of course Bella found Edward because it's a book, would you read it if there relationship didn't workout?
How old are you ladies? How many people have you been with? Not carnally! I ask because you have to go through so many significant others, and so many really bad experiences to find the person that you can and want to share your life with. I don't know if you would call it soul mate....That title implies a 'love at first sight', effortless relationship. There is no such thing as an effortless relationship. Relationships are hard, they take alot of work. If you want them to last you have to laugh, cry, tell the truth, hurt and forgive.
When you are young, and you feel these emotions for the first or second time, they can be really dynamic! Alot of teens think they are in love...but tell you what, 9 times out of 10, they are not. Just know that you will find someone else, down the road, who will treat you like the princess you are. Settle for nothing less!
I do believe in soulmates but i also believe you can just fall in love with someone and make it work however if that person is your 'soul mate' than maybe it would be a whole lot easier?
Idk. I agree with Sophia you have to go throught a lot before you find your forever love. I wish it didn't have to happen like that. But that's what happens most times. Heart break is a terrible thing to deal with specially the first time when then whole set of emotions is knew to you.
I think going through all the effort and pain and heartache to get to that person is an important lesson as well. You have to experience those things, so you're ready for that person. Then, you may not know what to do.....but you know exactly what NOT to do. And you just go from there!!
That is very true. That also makes thing better for the too. =)
yes i believe in soul mates.

it just takes a while to find that right one your one and only soul mate.

but i also believe until then you can love more than one. and sometimes love more than one at a time. but i think i different ways or different levels ..
I completly believe in soul mates


1.- You don't know when or where you will find your soul mate
2.- You don't know how to recognize your soul mate, so probably you have know he or she and you don't know it



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