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Bella was unconditially and Irrevocably in love with Edward but if he had never been a vampire do you think she would have still fallen in love with him? I have always wondered that.

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i do think that Bella would have still been or fallen in love with Edward, if he were not a vampier, becuse when question if she cared or was bothered by the fact that Edward was a vampier, Bella tells Edward that "it doesn't matter" to her what Edward was...although i do not think that at this point if Edward were not a vampier, Bella would have not ben "unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward".
i'v always wondered that myself also, but i dont think she would have cuz he wouldn't be alive he probly would have died if he didnt get turned into a vampier. i think she would have ended up with jacob, but if he was alive around the time she was them i say probly.
my lord of course she would. she once said to Edward "I don't care what your are"
i think she would of cos its clear that she was in love with him when she first met him..
I think that she would fall in love with him. Because He's protector and very fabulous.
Before know he was vampire.. She was also curious for him...
I think that she can fall in love!|
There's a strong possibility. Bella was attracted to him before she knew what he was, and telling her he was a vampire seemed to make the relarionship stronger. I think Bella would have loved Edward no matter what.
i think she would still fall in love with him
yes i think bella would still fall in edward
Yeah of course she would.

But if Edward was human, wouldn't be dead now anyway?
dont ever say that .wuold u want bella to fall in love mike
yes i think so she would have, she is forever in love with edward
I think it would've taken longer because the reason she was so infatuated with him at the beginning was because of the mystery. He wouldn't have been trying to stay away from her like the other boys were and she didn't like the attention the other boys gave her. That's a hard one. Great question.


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