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Do you think the Twilight series would have been as popular if Bella was the Vampire and Edward was the Human ?

Do you think the Twilight series would have been as popular if Bella was the Vampire and Edward was the Human ?

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(This would also mean that the character of Jacob would have to be a girl. ) This question was posted by Bella Swan from the Rose group.
That is a great question Bella. After I read Twilight I read and interesting novel about this poor defenseless young girl. Her parents are teachers and get a job at a private school. So she is forced to go to a school populated by some vampires.

Just once you get use to the danger that this poor girl has to endure day after day, she leans over and takes a bite out of her boy friends neck. SHE WAS THE VAMPIRE!

It was a totally delightful surprise. If any one remembers the name of the book I would appreciate it you would post it.

Doc B
Doc, that book sounds good, if you every find out the name please tell me.
I know the book you're talking about too, and since I don't want to give it away by posting the name, you can click HERE if you want to see it.

Also, I've recently read a book where the girl (well woman actually) was a vampire, and it was really good and fascinating. It was called "Thirst" by Christopher Pike. If you're looking for a good read, I suggest this one.
Hi Doc,
Do you think the Twilight series would have been as popular if Bella was the Vampire and Edward was the Human ?

Honestly no I don't think so. I can't picture it myself. Granted I think they still would have been drawn to each other but, the story would have to change. Edward and Charlie would have bonded almost right off the bat. I'm sorry I just can't picture it, Edward being human.....Plus then we would have Jessica trying to get her grubby little mitts on him like Mike, Eric, and Tyler tried with Bella. Pretty much everything would have to change for that to work...So my answer is NO.

But hey these are just my thoughts, looking forward to everybody else's.
NO WAY! this book would have been terrible that way ! it would kill the whole story line.
Bella Cullen

what a fabulous question

do I think that it would be as popular as it is if roles we reversed etc..

No I don't think I would be, even though I think that Stephanie has written 4 and a 1/2 brilliant books the dynamics would not work the same for the reader. We all want to be swept of our feet by prince charming, who is gorgeous on the outside and inside too, and as the majority of readers are female this is so enticing, but because it's a love story a beautiful love story along with action, it can draw men into.

But, I don't think if it was the other way around it just wouldn't have the same effect on me personally, quite possibly would because of stephanie writing it would still draw you in but for me personally I just can't seeing it having the same effect.

Thank you for a great question

g xx
the other thing i was thinking aboutis he relationships between family and girls and family relationships with Boys its different the dynamics of each family would be different..

And female wolves on't seem to imprint so there would be no jacob character and no nessie as Bella would not get pregnant so the actual story couldn't work

I agree with your answer. The series is so popular because, no matter your age, women relate to bella. It makes us feel 17 again and fall in love for the first time all over again or at all. Though boys like it because they want to be edward, girls do want to be swept off our feet by prince charming, it isnt as powerful reversed.
That is a really good question. I dont believe it would be nearly as popular if it was the other way around. I still think people would of read it but deff not takin off the way it has. There are a ton of different reasons i dont think it would and you all have said alot of the same things i was thinking.
No i don't think so
no! way,not at all?~


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