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Don you think E&B would have fallen in love if Edward wasn't attacted to Bellas blood as much as he is?

Also do you think they would have fallen in love if Edward couldn't read Bella's mind?

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mmmm..when you asked that question something from eclipse came to my mind when Bella went to Jacob to tell him that she is staying with Edward and explained her relationship with Edward and Jacob is like SAM, Emily and Leah whatever happens Edward is her soul mate so i think he would have saved her, even if he hadn't realized he is in love with her yet something would have made him save her...
what do you think??
Yeah, but then again if we agree it would have taken longer to fall in love, then maybe the day the truck hit he wouldnt have realised his love for bella yet?

We will never know i guess! LOL

I think he would have saved Bella without realising what he was doing, and thats the spark of their relationship right there.
yeah i totally agree:)
It's hard to tell but I think her scent is what sparks it all.

Bella's scent is what draws him in, gets his attention. I think the fact that he can't read her mind makes him want to know her more, draws him in even more. And when he decides to save her despite being across the parking lot with a lot full of students, he just can't help but to fall for her. It's what he has been waiting for, she's different he's different and they are a match.
I think Edward was so attracted to Bella's blood because he found her physically attractive and the fact the he could not read her mind made her mysterious and there fore more attractive to him.
I think it would be inevitable that they should be together. But the pull for each other wouldn't be as strong, nor would they have to overcome that obstacle that she's the sweetest thing he's ever smelled. the story connection wouldn't have been short either

"Also do you think they would have fallen in love if Edward couldn't read Bella's mind? "

Edward can't read Bella's mind. Now if he could hear her thoughts, it would probably be different, because alot of the time when bella's thinking one thing, she says something completely different. So either way, he would still be blinded...but how long would that last right?
yeah sorry typo i meant could
I don't think so personally. The whole point is he couldn't just read her mind so he had to speak to her, it is what drives him to start a conversation. If he could have read her mind, and her blood didn't smell so overpowering, then she would have been just like every other ordinary person, no mystery to solve, no obsticle to overcome, no desire to learn something that kinda goes against nature like himself. Her blood also tempts him when he had gone so long and been succesful at being a "vegitarian". Her smell really gives him a challenge, something that is rare for him, because he had to fight his lust for blood and not be the monster he truly tries not to be.

What I think would be an even better question: Would he still have such an overpowering attraction to her if she becomes a vampire and no longer has blood; sweet smelling blood? He doesn't want her to trade her soul to become a vampire, but could he be just a little worried that the strong "animalistic" attraction would fade away, would she just become your ordinary every day vampire to him?


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