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Anyone know what is being done at the stores for when the dvds come out? I know its just in certain stores, is there something going on at the ones who are doing something? Someone fill me in, I know I'm all late.... Whats going on at stores near you?

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are you going to one near you? you just show up at the store?
yeah, sure does. thanks! i'm excited now about going. I havent really heard much about it around here in Austin where I live. Where are you from? I wonder what major cities are cast from the movie showing up at?
that sounds really fun... where do you live? i went to this wal mart the website showed and they said no:( ima go check some other places out.
I know that in the walmart near me theres a party at 11:00p.m. and the movies bein released at 12:01. people are getting in line at 8:00 to nine. i plan to be there at 7:30 lol
yeah i found one close by here that is doing one. but wal mart has the one disc dvd i want the one that has the 2.
This just in from Summit!
TWILIGHT talent and filmmakers will be making surprise appearances at the TWILIGHT at
MIDNIGHT release parties in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas and Salt Lake City. In
each city, their appearance will be at one of the following retail locations:

that's where I found the locations, problem is we don't know in which location anyone will show up at, or who? Bet they're sending Rob to NY, LA, or Chicago since that's where Edward was born. So sad for me, but at least we should get someone here in Salt Lake! Yay! Hope it's Emmet or Alice, that would be awesome. I heard the guy who plays Laurent is one they're sending out but he didn't know where. Does anyone have any idea? hope this helps
Rob should really be traveling and I hope they make him travel. It's not like he's doing much in New Moon I'd be really happy to meet Taylor too though. I wonder if we'll get stuck with someone who made the movie instead though, instead of someone who was in the move,.....wonder...anyone have any idea??
No I think you're right, just hope we're not the ones that have to get pissed
there is Borders Books party's everywhere , that what i'm going to
The fye store in my area is havin a party, they're selling merchandise at 11 and then the dvds will be sold at 12
Dallas - the director
OMG everyone guess what???????

I Got the Twilight Movie today!!!!! Yay!!!!


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