The Twilight Saga

my gosh, they are the cutest couple in the world, i am SOOO jelous!

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ahhh me too:D
well i dont hate them, but yeah.
r u kidding me!!!!!!! =(
Me too! I love Edward. Go Team Edward!!!!!!!!
Ah, I love them they're gorjuz together. Theyre not complete without each other how beautiful is that? Its hard to believe love like that exists but I will find it!!!!
i like that bella makes edward happy, but i wish it was me instead of bella
As the characters, yes, I agree!

How would you feel about this in real life with Kristen and Robert? I think it would completely mess up their friendship if things ended badly. Oh the regret!
im not jealous i prefer jasper
lol, but how cute are alice and jasper?
It is an awesome love story between Edward and Bella - I am jealous too lol


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