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Edward: "It makes me anxious to be away from you!" Bella: "Not seeing you. It makes me anxious too! Would you really want to have a life time love affair, as intense as the one Edward and Bella share

Edward: "It makes me anxious to be away from you!" Bella: "Not seeing you. It makes me anxious too! Would you really want to have a life time love affair, as intense as the one Edward and Bella shared?

Introduction: At one point in the novel "Twilight" Edward tells Bella, that he did not like leaving her, even for a short while. Edward to Bella: "IT MAKES ME ANXIOUS TO BE AWAY FROM YOU !" Edward also admitted that his constant worries about her safety tended to distract him. And that he had been tormented the entire three days he had been away from her. "It was a very long three days."

Not knowing that Edward had spent most of that time, sitting in the forest next to her home, guarding her, Bella gets furious at him for not having called her. And she replies "I didn't like it either, not seeing you, IT MAKES ME NERVOUS TOO!"

Healthy bonds of love between men and women, exist with multiple degrees of intensity.

Question: Would you really want to have a life time love affair, as intense as the one Edward and Bella shared?

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinions about this topic.

Most Sincerely,

Doc B

Historic observation: There are very few intimatly documented love affairs, which existed between historic figures. To me, President Reagan's love, for his wife Nancy more closely resembles Edward's love for Bella than any other I have studied.

Reagan's intense love for "his Nancy", is well documented. Especialy in his personal diaries, and in Michael Devers biography. Dever served as assistant, friend, and personal confidante to both President Regan and Nancy for decades.

No. 1: Examples of the similarities, of Reagan and Edward's intense love include: "President Regan told me, that Nancy was every thing to him, And that until she came into his life, the "Ronald Regan" the world knew, simply didn't exist.

Similar example from "Twilight" Quote, Edward to Bella "You are my life now."

2. He, Regan never considered Nancy as being attractive, to him she was always quite literally breathtakingly beautiful."

Similar example from "Twilight" Alice to Edward "Look at Bella now, why she is dazzlingly beautiful." Edward's response: "She always has been."

3. Dever: There would be these huge social events and occasionally she (Nancy) would run late. But as soon as he saw her walk into the room he (President Reagan) would simply light up like a Christmas tree.

Similar example from "Twilight" Edward to Bella: " It was you that unfroze my heart. You that brought me back to life!"

4. We were in Reykjavík Iceland, Regan had made a commitment to place nuclear weapons in Western Europe. And The Communists were furious, because if he did, it meant that their dream of politically enslaving the rest of Europe could never be obtained. And they were anoid at having been kept waiting for over an hour to get Reagan's reply to one of their ultimatums.

We all sat looking at him (Reagan) guessing what he would do. But he could not decide how to respond. He just wasn't acting like himself. Then the head of the American Secrete Service walked in and said that he had just received a somewhat cryptic message, from the White House. "Read it out loud." The President said.

He read. "Tell Rawhide, that Princess, is fine." Dever said a smile crossed the president's face, his eyes started to twinkle, and in a voice as firm as steel, he said " Ladie's and Gentlemen let's go to work. It's time we explained the facts of life to the Soviets." As we walked toward the door he said. "I get anxious when I am away from her."

Similar example from "Twilight" Quote: Edward to Bella: "It makes me anxious to be away from you.

Example 5: Prime Minister Thatcher, President Reagan, and Pope John Paul had made a commitment to each other to free the peoples of Eastern Europe from Communism.

With their goal of winning finaly in sight Reagan invited Mikhail Gorbachev, to Washington. But then someone from the Soviet KGB, leaked to the CIA, that they were planning on having Gorbechoff assasinated on American soil. Which could end Thatcher, Reagan, and Paul's dream. The KGB had already had their Bulgarian service shoot Pope John Paul. Regan immediatly cancelled Gorbachev's visit.

Dever told Casey (who was the head of the CIA) we are going to win now, there is simply no way the Communists can stop us. Casey said there is still one way, "Kill Nancy" and you kill the "MAN." BUT there is only one thing holding them back. And that is the fear that if they killed her, within six hours nothing, would still be alive in the entire Soviet Union. "They wouldn't, He wouldn't ?!?! Casey just shruged his shoulders as if to say "Who knows."

Similar example from "Twilight" Edward, in reference to Lonnie (Bella's attepted molester) "I have a problem with my temper. And "I could not live in a world in which you didn't exist.

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Well for me the answer would be YES.. To be so completly in love with someone that you hardly even know, that you would literally be in pain from their absence is over whelming to say the least. That is what true and unconditional love is. I would absolutly want that. When you complete the other person just by exsisting, and that other person feels the exact same way, Then yes a life long anything would be what I would want.


Wonderful historic reference, very interesting.

My answer is absolutely yes.

To feel that loved is an amazing feeling. That someone loves you above anything else, to think that even though you may get bed hair in the morning or cry at stupid stuff that they love you all the same even think its beautiful.

But, i will say that with the intensity of that love can make all the rest of the feelings come intense as we do see with Edward, the over-protectiveness, jealousy etc. Please dont miss understand that i m saying its bad thing that Edward wants to protect her, because it moost definately is not but, when he gets Alice to Kidnap her and won't let Bella see Jake that is the slightest downside and the reason I point these out because I myself can be like this, which I have mentioned before, it can be annoying to the therside believe me. But, even so it is another view of just how much Edward loves Bella and her too ie (needless)Jealousy over Tanya.

I love to love and i love to feel loved

Sorry for all the BUT,s lol

I think I would. Their love is stronger than anything else in the world. It sounds crazy but sometimes I envie them
Yes- If I could only feel the love that Edward has for Bella & Ronald has for Nancy. I would count my self lucky. I think that both couples love runs so deep that they are incomplete with out each other. I think that true love is like a scar on your soul, not in a bad way..... Love leaves a mark on you (like a scar) no matter what you do in your life your first love or your only love will always leave a mark on you. I fell in love when I was younger I am married now and very happy but I feel that I carry a scar from my first. Every once and a while I will hear a song that makes my scar ache.

Dear Everyone, You have all had such great thoughts.
Fran I certainly agree with you. One of the wonderful things about our modern age is that with IM, Cell phones, g chats, Scape images we never have to be separated from the ones we love. My wife spends 30 weeks a year now flying around the world but we are constanantly in touch.

Gemma raises a VERY important point. What about Jealousy. Well I don't see Jealous as love. It is selfish. I have been blessed to have loved some wonderful women in my time. But I have also been blessed to have had complete and total trust in them. I think trust begets trust. But I have seen men who destroy their loves because they can't trust, but I think that that is from their own psychological weaknesses.

Wendy you make a grate point. The Reagan's were real people. Nancy's mom and dad lived here in Phoenix and they were very sick so she was here a lot. The nation never knew. But some friends of mine saw her almost every week.

Now here is an interesting point. Reagan was the most powerful man in the world. But the only time he was afraid, was when his Nancy wasn't close. But it was his Nancy that gave him the confidence to be the most powerful man in the world.

Kristy I know how you feel. My first big love was when I was 16. And she left me for someone else. It hurt so bad. But years later I could thank god for that experience. That it was part of what made me who I am. And it helped me appreciate the treasure of loving others. But at the time it just hurts. Love Doc

Heather I am with you Heck yes.

My wife is kind of a Bella. She was a little bit younger than I was, when I met her. About 25 years. But incredibly mature for her age. She had this habit of always insisting we say I love you. IT became a habit among all of my friends . Now even our adult male friend will tell each other I love you.

Sometimes I tell her that, I regret that we couldn't have met when we had been younger. But she always comes back that it would have been silly for me to date her when I was getting out of college, because she would have been minus 5 years old, and wouldn't have been norn yet. And that makes sense in a way. And even if we had waited to get engaged until I was in medical school she still would have been in kindergarten, and she feels that, that would have been awkward.. SO I think everything in life comes at the best time for each of us.

Love to you all. (see she was right, it doesn't hurt to say I love you)
Doc B
you are right doc, jealousy id selfish, i ve never thought about that way

and yes i doesnt hurt to say I love you


My answer is yes...right now as much as I obsess over Edward...he is my life now lol



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