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EDWARD’S GIFT: If you were offered Edwards Edward’s “gift,” of hearing the thoughts of all those around you, would you accept it?


Discussion: KST11/12/09 by Doc B
EDWARD’S GIFT: If you were offered Edwards Edward’s “gift,” of hearing the thoughts of all those around you, would you accept it?

Relevance: In an attempt to explain human nature Plato included Scocrate’s story about Gyges in his book “The Republic.” 440 BC Gyges finds a golden ring which gives him the supernatural power of invisibility when ever he puts it on. Plato’s opinion about power and human nature started a debate which has raged for 2400 years. Plato felt……… (better save that for the discussion ) ( )

.As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and to enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."

Most sincerely,
Doc B
4ghnsc: In 1937 J.R. Tolkkien modified Gyges story to write a fantasy story, as a gift for his grandchildren He called it "The Hobbit." And later expanded 'Gyges' aka Bilbo Baggins story into a trilogy called "The Lord of the Ring."

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omg i would love to read thoughts and be like edward!!!!!
love 2 be like edward 2 cuz can read people mind..
I agree... I would love to be able to hear peoples thoughts... It would just make life so much easier..
yeahhh.... that would be so awsome to hear thoughts...... lt will make life so much easier.... but what if someone was thinking of bad stuff????????/
i dont think i would like to see or hear others thoughs are! mine along are scary enough let alone knowing what someone else was or might be thinking
ya ~~i agree with u ~~i guess i would know a lot more evil side from ppl ~if i can really read thoughts~~that's y edward is deeply in love with bella ~they are just doom together!!fate!!
As exciting as it sounds, I think I would have to decline. How could I ever be fully myself if I was filtering through the thoughts of other people? Wouldn't that make a person more self-involved? Wouldn't we inadvertently wonder why someone thought about us, why someone didn't think about us, etc.?
Wow, i don't think i would like to hear people's thoughts. I may not WANT to know what people are thinking of me? Let alone, i would go INSANE hearing thoughts all day long, including my own. Put me in a straight jacket and send me away!..hahaha
no, I would not want to be able to hear other's thoughts. Edward has had a hundred years to define his gift and be able to control it and tune people out. We would never be able to live long enough to do that. plus, most of us are usually surrounded by more people than edward on a daily basis, so that many thoughts constantly would drive us crazy.

I agree i couldn't have his gift either, it would just be to hard

No I would not want Edwards gift. I think it is to much of an invasion of privacy. I am a very private person and I pick and choose what I tell people and when people want to confide in me I feel some times uncomfortable. The gift I would like to have is Alice's.
If I could have that ability, I would love it, As much as it would be annoying sometimes, It would actually be a very good thing to have.


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