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Doc B discussion 2-4-10 KSTW

Edward: "I watched you EVERY night!"

Edward's most "SENSUAL" Acts ?

Bella: "Suddenly going to Dartmouth seemed much more interesting"

Introduction: Stephanie Meyers was asked in an interview: "Why aren't your characters sensual, why aren't they more sexually active? Stephanie replied: "I think that your are incorrect about their sensuality. Can you remember how sensual and exciting it was, the first time a boy held your hand ? Yes, I agree, in most "modern" romance novels their characters almost immediately tend to be sexually active. But to me, if they do that, they are missing out on the most exciting and wonderful part of a relationship. They miss the period when you feel like, your heart is going to just burst out of your chest."

Bella: "He never once looked at our waitress."

Relevance: I was reviewed what some female readers and movie goers said about Edward's sensuality. Some of their quotes were:
1. "When Edward lifted Bella in the air, so that she could dance with him at her prom, my heart literally started skipping beats."

Edward: "I could never live in a world that didn't include you."

2. "As I watched Edward jumped out of his car to confront Bella's attackers, I literally couldn't breath."

Edward: "Can I have this dance Mrs. Cullen?"

3. "When they kissed! With out even thinking, I started clapping. 'I felt like a fool.' But then the entire audience started clapping with me!"

Edward: "I call this 'Bella's Lullaby."

Discussion question: If you are a woman: What were some of the things that Edward did which you found particularly moving or "sensual."
If you are a man: What did Edward do which you felt was romantic or sensual?"

Carlyle: "You will find the strength to stop." (From your love for her: implied)

Doc B

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Dear Sasha,
S "Edward is always so protective of her " Doc "That's a great point, I think that one of the most interesting little (but important) questions in "Twilight" is why Edward says after only having seen Bella moments before (In "first sight") is why did he immediately feel a desire to protect her?
S "with every word and every gesture he poured all his love for Bella" Doc "Yes, yes, yes! I think that, that is exactly what Stephanie wanted to share with her readers. It's the small acts of sincere affection, which make the physical act of love making so much more beautiful. Super Point. As always thank you for sharing with nus. Your friend, Doc
PS When I was taking my classes in psychiatry I was taught that young people who are very sexually active at a young age, have a significantly lower chance of having "gratifying intimate physical experiences" through out their entire lifetimes,. than those who don't. lol DB

Um...EVERYTHING!!! Edward's relationship with Bella is based on sensuality and protection. I like to explain them as this generations Romeo and Juliet. It is the ultimate forbidden love. Everything Edward does when he is with Bella is sensual. The way he looks into her eyes and "sees her soul", the way he kisses her and makes her heart pound, even pushing cars out of the way! They are totally infatuated with each other and it's awesome!
Dear Gunilove,
G "ultimate forbidden love" Doc Great point Edwards disability (being toxic) makes their love just that much more intense. And as you say everything about their relationship is so sensual.
G "The way he looks into her eyes and "sees her soul" Doc "Another great point. Over and over again Stephanie points out how that the two of them look into each others eyes. And another subtle but important point is that they keep looking into each others eyes and tend not to look away.
Great points. It reminds me of how you can tell how much Alice loves Jasper by just the way she looks at him. Thanks for sharing with us, Doc

I'm not sure how anyone could suggest that the Twilight Saga is not sensual. The pages were saturated with sexual tension throughout the entire time up until their honeymoon. If anything, I thought the books were more sensual prior to the wedding than after. I agree with SM when she says the leading up to part is what sets your heart on fire and raises your senses. I would say that their first time in the meadow, the electricity between them in Biology class during the video, the first time Bella mentioned having Edward prior to becoming a Vampire, and when Edward thought Bella was going through with the wedding for everyone else versus herself and was about to give in to your demands - were the top 4 sensual moments, with the last one being my top pick. It's important to note though that without Edward casually caressing her face, kissing/grazing her neck and collarbone, gazing into her eyes, that none of the "sensual" scenes would have had the same level of intensity. Overall, it's the tiniest act and the most aggressive that create a sensual or romantic relationship, you need both - and the Twilight Saga had everything it needed ;) - D.
Dear Deanna,

D "how anyone could suggest that the Twilight Saga is not sensual" Doc " I agree sadly some of our modern "entertainment" reporters have confused sensual with sexual. There is an entertainer name Chelsey Handler who is always mocking the concept that people can restrain from being sexually active before they are married. And she says that society should mock and ostracize people who make that choice. But I think that what Stephanie is saying is that affection and sensuality just as important PROVABLY more important.

D "I thought the books were more sensual prior to the wedding than after." Doc "right right right!! One of the keys to true love is to remain just as much in love once "a couple is able to satiate their sexual appetites."

D "Bella mentioned having Edward prior to becoming a Vampire, "Doc "great examples. I love that sceen too, when Edward finally gives into Bella's desires, (just prior to their marriage) And BELLA says NO! She has decided that Edward was right. (Bella you have got to love her.)

D "Twilight Saga had everything it needed." Doc " You are so right it is all of the little moments that are so powerful in "Twilight" I wish the movie could have emphasized more of those "little" moments and less "Green" field trips. Thanks for sharing with us. Doc

This is so well expressed that I can't add a thing to it except to agree.

oh gosh where to start...The fact that he is the perfect gentleman makes it so wonderful...I am married to the quintessential "southern Gentleman" and if you don't know what it is like to feel like the center of the universe and not feel worthy it is so hard to explain...

everything from placing his hand on the small of her back to the passionate kisses that send her heart fluttering and her face flushing "ITS A WHOLE PACKAGE"... sometimes it may feel to formal but in the long run it is absolutely necessary when you are so completely in love and willing to wait for eternity...

I love it when he brushes his hands against her cheek or kisses her hair... it makes my heart flutter!!!

Don't confuse Sensuality with Sexuality... they are completely different... The more time it takes to reach the sexual part the better..

I love the romantic parts..
Dear Ms T,
Ms T " (The) fact that he is the perfect gentleman " Doc, "Thanks for reminding us of that fact. That is such a key point. In one of our discussions we polled our "teen-age female" members, and asked them if they would like to have their boy friends act like an "old fashion, out dated, Edward like gentleman ? And every single girl voted for the "old fashioned gentlemanly treatment.
I volunteered to teach an extra curricular class, at the community center in Phoenix's Neuavo Barrio. And I taught and insisted that students had to treat each other with manners. Each one had to refer to each other as either Mr. or Miss. And they always had to be courteous. And the kids loved it so much, they literaly went NUTS!! During one class I said, "Miss Valdez what is it about manners that you love the most?" Her reply was "The way it makes me feel so special, Sir"
T "quintessential "southern Gentleman" Doc "You lucky woman. My wife "The Honey" is from a small town in Virginia and her "Southern" ways are just delightful.
Ms. T "placing his hand on the small of her back " Doc YES YES" It was the small but powerful actions by BOTH Edward and Bella, that were so powerful. Bella "I ran my finger along his palm" later "I traced the veins in his arm." "YOU CAN'T IMAGE HOW THAT FEELS" Responds Edward. As always thank you for sharing with us, Doc.

You chud feel the senseuality every time Edward looked at Bella. He didn't even hve to say anthing or touch her it was therr the day they met, even when he wanted to kill her. Its good to hve the senseualness of it all before the real action.
Dear Twi-Crazy,
TC "it was there the day they met" Doc Great point Twi. Something very special happened on their first day together,From the very first moment that they laid eyes on each other.
Thank you for sharing with us, Doc


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