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Edward's temporary belief that Bella was dead, "destroyed" much of his "blood lust," his desire for her blood. Why was that?

Edward's temporary belief that Bella was dead, "destroyed" much of his "blood lust," his desire for her blood. Why was that?


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Hi Doc,

Edward's temporary belief that Bella was dead, "destroyed" much of his "blood lust," his desire for her blood. Why was that?

Well for me, I would have to say that is when Edward realized he loved Bella for more than just her blood. He loved her for the person that she was and is.
Sometimes the simplest answers are the ones that mean the most.

Just my thought
Another thought, It was kinda his own epiphany. He could also see himself as a man in love than just a monster with a desire for blood. So many feeling and emotions woke up in Edward when he met Bella, that it would be hard to pinpoint just one thing or one reason as to why he lost his blood lust for Bella.
Edward described Bella as his own personal brand of heroin and that her blood was like a drug to him.

Addiction is a powerful thing, no matter what you're addicted to. For most addicts, i believe they have to hit rock bottom before they can face life without that thing they're addicted to.
Edward had hit rock bottom. He was living alone in somewhere that can only be described as his own personal hell on earth.

He thought nothing of himself but thought he was doing the best he could for Bella. Upon finding out she was dead, he simply hit rock bottom.

There was nothing left for him anymore. He would've given anything to have her back. Now, overriding everything would be his desire for Bella to live and to have him in her life. He knew at that point that he would never take her blood, if he could only have her heart. After seeing what it would be like, not to have Bella be part of his world, nothing else mattered.

Great discussion, thanks, Kimmie x
For me I think the news he gets that Bella has died was so dramatic to him that he didn't wan't to remember anything of that life, for in his mind he will try to join her soon. For him theirs no life or reason to live if she didn't exist. So I think with that shock of hearing of her death made him either block it off his mind or descentisize himself of her because to him she was gone for ever, so even thou he's suffering a great pain remebering her very existence hurts him more. In other words he loves her so much for (like Fran said below) the person that she is that her blood didn't matter to him anymore so long he could hold her in his arms again.

I think the grief that Edward felt helped him overcome the lust for Bella’s blood. As he said in Twilight Bella’s scent was his brand of heroin. Like an addict he came to enjoy the fire in his throat when he was around Bella. Also, he describe Bella as the metor that lit up his sky, and going back to live in the dark was to hard to do. The thought of losing that made him realize what he was losing.
On top of the fact that he finally found love, and then believed he lost it. As long as Bella was somewhere alive, safe he could go on. If Bella wasn’t alive he felt like he couldn’t live. As thier love grew stronger, it kinda made the lust for her blood weaker, I guess love can conquer all!!

see, i kinda saw it differently.  like after you have a devastating argument with your partner and they or you have "crossed the line" in one way or another.  it could be that after that crossing the line, things will never be the same again, that they or you can never "go there" again with them or maybe it was so hurtful that you wouldn't be able to "go there" with anyone ever again.

it made me sad to read that Edward felt that way because I saw it as him pulling away from her, that she would never be able to touch him again so deeply because he knows what it's like to imagine her lost from him.  and in that pulling away, they would never again know the depth of their relationship as they might have.


oh, and that picture of that little kid reading twilight is the cutest picture!  :)


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