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Okay... Maybe I am a fool for thinking this but I just got to ask!!!!



Okay you know that Edward wanted to kill Bella in the classroom?  Well I was thinking about that alot... The way I look at this is:  He left to Alaska to protect Bella instead of going to her house at night and kill her.... Isn't that a first sign of love?!  Isn't that when he fell in love with her and didn't know it????


I welcome any of your input! 

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hmmm...well mabye your right. But I think Edward left because he didn't want to put his family in danger, I mean they have a good thing going in forks. Carlisle has a good job, they have a nice house, people like them. I'm sure Edward would feel horrible if he were to ruin that. And I don't think he knew Bella enough to love her. I'm sure he did not want to hurt her though.
Good discussion:)
Yeah, I thought so too...but still, the love blooms in the end right?! LOL...
in my opinion, if he really wanted to kill her then like Toni said, he could have gone to her house at night and killed her. How could he have exposed his family? Edward's a smart guy, he could have set it up to look like she snuck out and then something went wrong or something. If he did kill her at night no one would have suspected the cullen family. He would not have ruined anything.

I also don't believe it was love but i believe it was a sign that he was attracted to her (like a young crush or something) unconciously.

If he really wanted to kill her he could have without any suspicions on his family. Leaving would not have been necessary if he did not like her.

...On the other hand, maybe it was not about liking her or "protecting his family", maybe it was about just trying to maintain the way he is suppose to be (vegetarian) maybe he was just trying to keep himself out of trouble. Maybe he just did not want to go back there, go back to drink human blood even if it was just this one case. Maybe he was just trying to be good and that's why he left.... who knows really
well in Midnight Sun Edward couldn't stop thinking about Bella while he was in Alaska.... so I think it was the beginning of a love ... for me anyways. :)
i think so too. Maybe not love because it was a little early but he definitely liked her unconciously. Not even he knew it really.
No, because I think that him stopping and not hurting Bella had everything to do with his love for Carlisle and nothing to do with Bella herself.
You've got a point!

He went to Alaska to prevent himself from killing Bella and becoming the monster that he hated and to protect his family. Amd if you think about it when he was in Alaska nad he was looking at the night sky and then at Tanya he kept saying "Beautiful. If I'd been able to see it". He said that Bella's face kept obstucting his vision! Maybe it is a sign of love, but it is very subttle. I don't even think it's love yet, but it's definitely the beginning of it! Maybe it's this initial attraction or interest or whatever it's called that is necessary for the beginning of every relationship! I don't think that it was love at first sight because later when Alice saw her visions and Edward knew he was going to love Bella, he admitted that he wasn't in love with her yet! But he was getting there!!!

Great topic though!!
Thanks Georgia!!!
No problem!!
EC left because he had never smelled blood like hers that over powered him. He know if he killed her he would put his family at risk, but he also was courious to why he could not read her mind. So he had no idea what she was thinking. When he was away he missed his family and didn't want some girl to run him away from his home. Have you read Midnight sun on 'SM web site. It is Edward thoughts or his story it gos with Twilight. Here is the web address to read it. It may answer your question
Debbie, thank you so much. I never knew about Midnight Sun. I just finished Breaking Dawn & was going through with drawl. You just saved me!
Yes, he wanted to kill her in the begining but then in the end they fall in love.


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