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Okay... Maybe I am a fool for thinking this but I just got to ask!!!!



Okay you know that Edward wanted to kill Bella in the classroom?  Well I was thinking about that alot... The way I look at this is:  He left to Alaska to protect Bella instead of going to her house at night and kill her.... Isn't that a first sign of love?!  Isn't that when he fell in love with her and didn't know it????


I welcome any of your input! 

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You know what they say JJ about great minds! LOL :)

Yes it is possible that he fell in love with her and did not know it, but I think his main reason for leaving was so he wouldn't hurt his family by killing Bella so publicly..He didn't want to put his family in danger, or have Carlisle look at him badly for killing her. Forks was his home, he didnt want to have to leave it yet.

i personally think that Edward really went to Alaska because he doesn't want to kill Bella, to reveal what they really are, vampires. Edward also wants to protect what Carlisle had started. he's really not that in love with her yet. maybe you're still right though. 'cause i know that Edward was trying to avoid Bella. i think that Edward became in love with her and started to not ignore her anymore was when Bella had a dream of Edward and Edward was there in her room listening. And that's where he knew that he can't ignore Bella any longer. that's my theory. :D but i think you are right.
thanks Ella. :) I began to think about things when i read books lol...
i like what you said but why was edward ignoring Bella? just to escape her scent? in my opinion he was ignoring her because he knew there was something more there that he did not want to admit. he felt different about her from the other girls whether consciously or un-consciously.

next thing is why would Edward be in Bella's room in the 1st place? Does he go into Jessica or Angela's room at night? No. My point exactly. He felt something for her, something different from the others and that's what most likely brought him to her room, or even just brought him near her, even if he put on a show at day and tend to "ignore" her.

Just my thought

Nice way of putting your opinion though :)
Actually, if u have read midnight sun (download it from my page; the story is same as twilight, but from Edward's point of view) u would know the answer to this question. Edward went to Alaska in the first place NOT becoz he didn't want to kill Bella. He went there coz he felt that if he kills Bella, then it would hurt Carlisle & Esme; he felt that if he kills her, then whatever world Carlisle has made for them (living among humans, for instance) would be destroyed while in folks, 'coz everyone in the boi lab that day had witnessed his behaviour.

The answer to tthis question is a long one; & u'll get it if u read midnight sun; Download it from my page.
But yes, he fell for her right then but realised this when he argued against Rosalie & Jasper & Emmet's decision to kill Bella so that she may not be a threat for them anymore(read it in midnight sun.)


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