The Twilight Saga

Everyone knows that the “Twilight Saga” is the best Vampire STORY of all time! BUT what were the next THREE best stories?

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Everyone knows that the “Twilight Saga” is the best Vampire STORY of all time! BUT what were the next THREE best stories?

Subjective* Discussion Question: “MOST” everyone in the world understandably feels that the “Twilight Saga” is the best Vampire Book (or series) ever written. But what (in descending order) were the ( three next vampire novels or series ) that YOU found most enjoyable to READ!

Follow up question. If (like the “Reading “Bear) you happened to have read more than four enjoyable vampire novels or series, feel free to add them to your list as well.

As always we sincerely look forward to learning your opinion, to help us both better understand, and enjoy more fully the "Twilight Saga."
Most sincerely,
Doc B

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*Explanation for “Develina’s Rose Bud Society”

The difference between subjective and objective discussions. An Objective discussion is one which is free of any bias or prejudice caused by personal feelings and is based on facts rather than thoughts or opinions.
A Subjective discussion is one based on somebody's opinions or feelings rather than on facts or evidence.

So the only thing that matters in today’s discussion is which books did YOU enjoy the most. (period)

Statement “I subjectively feel Chocolate is the best tasting ice cream.
Primary response: No, you are dead wrong! Vanilla is the best tasting ice cream!
Secondary response: Your response is absurd because I said subjective.

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yeah i do too! that show is very captivating! i never miss an episode! lol :)
The show is very loosely based on the books but still very good and I would definatly recommend reading them...

You would be making an excellent point. There are a dozen excellent reasons why you could logicaly argue against the proposition. BUT this IS a Subjective disciussion. And having declared it Subjective, the author has already announced that logic is by definition not applicable.
Besides he would also counter that 60,000,000 hard back coved books sold with an estimated 40,000,000 soft back that will be sold. If Meyer doesn't continue the series (Which she is)
That since subjective is a refelection of personal preference. I am afraid we are boxed in.
As a friend of mine would say. "The "Reading Bear" always seems to have a curve ball hidden somewher in his discussions, Sneaky Bear, Doc B
You are very welcome. I appreciate your kind compliment. It is always a pleasure to share withe THE "Kk"
Not absurd!!!! I haven't read any others, my problem is, NO books appeal to me since Twilight. I've never been so crazed over a book series!!! I am thinking of reading the True Blood series I hear they are good.
Dear Robyn,
I was so facianated by the same phenomina that I even did a semi-scientific study on it.
Vampire Diaries is a great series both show and book but just a heads up that the book is not as dramatic (i find) as the show potrays it
I just bought Vampire diaries.
I started to read it and then wondered if I had already read it. Is it the story of the two Italian boys (circa 1500) who fall for the same girl?

And interesting series is True Blood to me it is one of the few TV series which I seem to enjoy more than the original written series.
Has anyone else had that experience?
i know anotherone the cirque du freak series but it is'nt as good as twilight!
I've read Anne Rice, and Stephen King. But I have not read any of the other YA vampire books yet. I will be within this year reading a lot more of the YA books, but not yet. I've seen a lot of the Vampire movies though. But I don't know, Twilight was not a monster book for me, it was a tragic love story.
Powerful point Hatter: Twilight is a Love story. Just as Romeo and Juliett wasn't an action story.
True Blood
Interview with a Vampire
The Vampire Diaries


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