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Hii!!!! I just wanted to know what is the book in the twilight saga that most people prefer.... My favorite is actually twilight because of the beginning of everything... and because thats when Bella discovers that Edward Cullen exists!! Thats the beginning of the most beautiful love story ever!!! Anyway, so if you could tell me what is your fav book and why, I'd love to know and see what books wins! :P

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It's a toss up between Twilight and Breaking Dawn, but I think Breaking Dawn would be my favorite because that's when Bella and Edward get married and can finally be together. I just don't like the ending. I want it to go on. Twilight would be my second choice.
I totally understand your choice, vbelieve me... Its soo hard choosing!!! but yes, the wedding!!! OMG!!!! It is just sooo amazing!!! :) really... it was so cute!!! and the honey moon... I addooore all the first part with Bella... It is so cute!!! :)
my favorite is Twilight because that`s beginning of the most romantic lovestory I`ve ever read...
As I read Twilight I was so fascinated.. It was like I were a part of this story...

After Twilight the next favorite book is Breakind dawn because the marriage and the birth of Renesme... It was fascinated to see how the story change ... it was very exciting
OMG!!!!!!! I tHINK LIKE EXACTELY THE SAME THING!!!!!! litterally.... most beautiful love story ever!!!! and I was like Bella when I read it too.... I was in her head and I couldnt understand and feel what she felt!!!!! :)))

and yeah the wedding!!! <3 and cute little nessie!!! :)
By no means am I dissing classic literature, but I like this love story wayyyy more than Romeo and Juliet in most ways. Twilight is a modern literary masterpiece!!
Stephenie M. said that she may continue w/more of the Bella/Edward/etc. books, but that she wants a break from vampires. Who knows though, we may here about a sequel series if she chooses to do so!
Oh, I reallly would like her to write some other stuff about Edward and Bella!!!! :)
Thanks for telling your opinion!!! :) Why is breaking dawn your fav exactely?
Dear ,
That is a great question: "What is your favorite Saga Book (And Why..Implied)"
I find it fascinating that so many people have one book favored over another. Ie "I like Eclipse or New Moon" Not as many people seem to like Breaking dawn. Possibly because Stephies readers tend to be lovers of Romance (like myself) and Breaking Dawn while being very interesting is not as romantic.

Well my favorite is "Twilight"
I guess because I enjoy two way romance stories more than three way ones.
But also because "Twilight" is a great literary masterpiece.
I know that there are those who would argue with me about that but they were the same ones that despised the Iliad and the Oddesy when it came out on parchment.
"Twilight will still be considered a classic 200 years after her detractors are all long and gone.
Also I love the characters. For me it is like reading a modern day "Pride and Prejudice."

"Reading Bear Prediction" Midnight Sun will be released, And so will Alice's story. And passably the story of The Cullen Volturi war. And final sales of Meyer's novels will top out at over 300,000,000 Not bad for a Romance story. I could be wrong but .....

Thank for starting this interesting discussion,
Most sincerely,
Doc B
Hii!!!!! Thank you!!!! I totally agree whith evrything you said!!! I am like that too... the romance thats why Im so fascinated by twilight... I mean I never read or saw any love story as beautiful as this one.... and the beginning... you see them falling in love and can feel the passion they share and there is their first kiss.... Thta is true and real love!!! :) It makes me dream.... I find myself hoping that one day Ill meeet a guy just like Edward that can love me like he loves Bella... just like THE perfect guy for me like they are so perfect to each other... and yeah at that moment there is no jake loving Bella... no complications just them... except at the end... :P and youre right I believe that twilight will be known for a long long time a s a classic... and it is for me the best book in the world... :)

haha... and lets hope that your predictions are true!!!! I need midnight sun!!! And Alice is one of my favs characters sooo :)

Thank you for sharing your opinion... I loove meeting people that truly understand me...
sooo.... I guess that makes
twilight: 3
breaking dawn: 2
Stephanie made an interesting point when she said. Edwards haemophilia (love of blood : not the illness) forced them to go slowly in their relationship which made it become much more intense.


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