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Hii!!!! I just wanted to know what is the book in the twilight saga that most people prefer.... My favorite is actually twilight because of the beginning of everything... and because thats when Bella discovers that Edward Cullen exists!! Thats the beginning of the most beautiful love story ever!!! Anyway, so if you could tell me what is your fav book and why, I'd love to know and see what books wins! :P

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Thats n problem, and good for you for not reading Midnight Sun, I managed a month and then I just could resist and it soes end at the best part.. So keep going!
uuugh... i wanna read midnight sun sooooo bad!!!! I wish she would just publish it right now!!! i need another stephanie meyer book!!!!
me tooo!!!!! :))
I think my favorite would have to be Breaking Dawn with how everything worked out. The wedding, the birth of Renesme, and Edward and Jacob finally able to put their differences aside for the same goal. Then I would have to Twilight, then New Moon and then Eclipse.
I can see why everyone loves breaking dawn so much... :) I mean a lot of great stuff happens in it!!! :) Things are getting better with Edward and Javcob, well at least after He imprints on Nessie.. And there are a lot of cute moments between Bella and Edward!!! :)) I totally and especially love the first part the wedding, the honey moon... :) and the last chapter with Bella showing her thoughts to Edward... :)) That was the best ending Stephenie could find I think!!! :)) Anyway, thanks for your opinion... Breaking dawn is definitely a great book!!! :)
Okay I don't have a favorite,but I do have a least favortie(New Moon)~However my Favortie Part of a book is in New Moon.
Does that make sense?
I'm Team Edward so New Moon Hurts and I still can not read it front to back(Edward leaves Bella and I turn the pages just to see Edward again).My husband thinks it is funny!
I love the whole end of New Moon though(I love when Bella Kisses Edwards Neck)My favortie part by far.
Oh, I understand that new moon hurts, it really does for me too... Im tewam Edward too... I mean you see all this pain in Bella... :( But I got over it and I think that you should read it all... again... that way when Edward shows upo finally at the end... youll be super excited!!! At least, I know I was... :)) I was waiting for him to come back the whole time and when Bella finally saw him again... It felt like I had not seen him since... 7 months... like Bella... Sooo I was super happy!!! :) Burt still Jake is nice and I think the book is really good... even when Edward id not there... Of course, my favs parts are when he is there... Especially at the end when he is in the room with Bella and he tells her what she means to him!!! :) and yeah that kiss on the neck was so cute!!!
Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion!! :)
I have read New Moon several times(I will never be able to read it front to back)...It is just that I see My Edward there in those pages and if he ever left me I would be the same a Bella(except there would be no Jacob for me).That would be a very dark place for my husband and I and he almost lost me,I died for 4 1/2 mintues giving birth to a baby we lost.He is my heart and he never left my side.
My Husband and I have a Love Story that is Amazing(we have known each other since birth).We have been through tons of things through life and every single time it always led back to each here we are after 16 years of marriage and still very much in Love.After I read Twilight my husband wanted to read it to see what I was going on and on about.He knows now what all the fuss is about.
I am still very excited while reading New Moon because of things that happen near the end they get your heart racing.
OMG!!!!! That must have been so hard for him!!!! :(( Well you seem very cute together... That may sound weird and you don't have to answer if you don't want to but.... Do you love your husband as much as Bella loves Edward ?? See, that is my definition of great love.... This is for me the most amazing love story ever!!!! They are the most beautiful coule I have ever seen(well not seen technically but... lol) Soo, Im hoping that one day Ill find my Edward, someone as perfect as him, that loves me like he loves Bella.... :)) And youre right about it, I would have react like Bella too... If I lost Edward... I mean I saw how they love each other... and I totally undrestood her feelings, I was in her head!! But yeah the end is amazing!! Have you seen the movie yet??
There all my favorite books but If I to pick it would be "BREAKING DAWN". Bella final get what she wants. She finds that she can adjust to her new life, has gotten the man of her life forever, also has a daughter, still has Jacob (her best friend) and she also has and awsome power, too.
yeah, if you put it that I understand that you prefer it... but things change so much.... I mean, in just one book!!!! But the changes are good, I just... I dont know, I prefer twilight because there are only Edward and Bella in their world, happy falling in love... :)))
I love eclipse. i love it sooo much because its sorta like twilight and new moon mixed together. not the story line, just the fact that twilight is all about edward and bella, and newmoon is all about jacob and bella, and eclipse has both of them equallly. and its just a really funny book. the way that the characters say stuff just cracks me up. and i love ll the vampire and werewolf action, because its the book which has the most action besides the end of twilight. idk, its just awesome.


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