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Hii!!!! I just wanted to know what is the book in the twilight saga that most people prefer.... My favorite is actually twilight because of the beginning of everything... and because thats when Bella discovers that Edward Cullen exists!! Thats the beginning of the most beautiful love story ever!!! Anyway, so if you could tell me what is your fav book and why, I'd love to know and see what books wins! :P

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whoa, i just realized im the only one who voted for eclipse.
whats wrong with you people!!!!!!!!
haha, yeah Eclipse is pretty great too, lol I love the fight between Jake and Edward... and Edward saying like she is mine!!! and then when she punches him... Anyway, but I really don't like the part where she kisses jake and says like that she loves him!!!! Oh, god that made me so angry and sad.... :( but, yeah Eclipse is pretty great!! Thanks!!!
it's a really hard question, but I have to say Midnight sun. I really LOVE that book because it's so intens and you get to see Edwards point of view.
otherwise I would have to say Twilight, since I've read it twice as many times as the other books. I think it's because it's the starting of the love story, and because Bella keep discovering new thinks about vampires.
New Moon is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, Twilight was amazing, but the level of emotion in New Moon was incredible. It was exhausting to get through because I really ached for Bella, wanted to hear Edward, and on and on. Eclipse was frustrating for me. It was a great story, but why all the drama? It was always Edward, it had to be, yet the novel was full of soul-searching. Breaking Dawn was satisfying.

Now, if she finishes Midnight Sun, I will change my vote.
wat i like the most is the eclipse book, bcoz it's most exciting than the other part most especially the love triangle bet.jacob,bella and edward!.. this is the part where bella felt something special too.about jacob! sweet!
OMG that is a hard one to answer, I think as a lot of ppl have said that Twilight is so great because of the beginning of a wonderful love that happens between 2 people that were brought together by complete fate that really seems impossible, and Breaking Dawn completes that love story (not ends it) by them finally coming together as 1 and completing each other so those two are a complete toss up for me, I don't think I could make a decision between the two. I do love New Moon though because I love how it shows that 2 ppl can find the most wonderful love ever and be torn apart and go to the deepest, darkest place in their soul that they could ever imagine and then find a way to find it again. I too agree with some others that this saga of stories is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Romeo & Juliet ever was or ever could be. I believe this whole story is truly inspiring and should be set as part of the reading curriculum for all high school kids, not because of the love story but the whole overall story of how when you really want something in life you should believe in it and that all things are possible with faith, love and belief.
I totally agree with what you all said about Twilight, its the beginning of a beautiful love story. You get to experience every step with Bella and Edward. I also enjoyed Eclipse because of the whole Edward versus Jacob and the tent scene and you get read about what Edward was feeling and of course the whole bedroom scene where she is trying to seduce him. Breaking dawn would be third becuase of the wedding and honeymoon, but whole transformation with Bella, I wish we could of know what Edward was thinking. I am soooo very glad that at the end, she showed him all those things.
Breaking Dawn is my favorite book. to tell you the truth i love them all cuz of Edward
Twilight, you get to meet the characters, then New Moon, they are very close in my mind, I sometimes can't decide which I like better:)
Eclipse is my favorite. Its lighter and I love the jealousy going on between Edward and Jacob. I really love it when they make each other jealous. My favorite is the space heater part. I read that a million times. I love how Edward can read minds and sees the naughty things Jacob is thinking. Hmmmm

I love how they both agree to not fight fair... I love that kind of thing...
my favorite changes a lot but currently it is:
eclipse and twilight.
i LOVE them all of course but...

eclipse (in my opinion) is just amazing. the love triangle, the big fight, and there is so much more that i love..the list goes on and on and on.

and twilight is the biginning of it all. its so beautifully written. its the beginning of the love story that we all fell in love with. its just amazing!

new moon


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