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Hii!!!! I just wanted to know what is the book in the twilight saga that most people prefer.... My favorite is actually twilight because of the beginning of everything... and because thats when Bella discovers that Edward Cullen exists!! Thats the beginning of the most beautiful love story ever!!! Anyway, so if you could tell me what is your fav book and why, I'd love to know and see what books wins! :P

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New moon and Breaking Dawn
I like Eclipse best. The banter and competition for Bella's affection between Edward and Jacob is comical.
This is such an interesting conversation and after reading them all several times, my favorite has changed. I love all of them and I do not typically re-read books. Originally, my favorite was Eclipse. The tent scene alone is an amazing piece of writing and such an insightful moment for the readers. As I've gone back and re-read the books, I find Twilight to be the one I read the most often. I was really dissatisfied with the way they portrayed Edward in the movie (I felt they cut out too many of his tender moments with Bella in the screenplay; it wasn't an acting issue for me), so maybe that's why I keep re-reading Twilight, to convince myself that Edward is really who I thought he was. I also find myself re-reading Breaking Dawn more too. I skip over a lot of it when I re-read it though. I think New Moon is an important book and I love what Meyers did with Jacob Black as a character. Maybe because I've loved someone the way Bella loves Jacob, I relate to it more.

If I had to rank them, it would be:

Twilight: 1
New Moon: 3
Eclipse: 2
Breaking Dawn: 4
New Moon is my favorite because the emotion is most real in it, in my opinion.
Because I haven't read all of the books, and started reading Eclipse first, I would actually have to say that Eclipse is my favorite since I read that one first; but I love Twilight as well.

Twilight is my favorite.

Twilight is my favorite of the four with Breaking Dawn ever so slightly behind,

The beginning of a great romance and the bringing together of several great families in the last. (of course those two words "The End" are devastating as having eternity in front of them it is most surely not the end of all that could happen with the Cullens, Blacks, Swans, and Dwyers).


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