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In a wheelchair? Does it ever say? Also, DID Rob Pattinson write Bella's Lullaby???

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Yeah, originally wrote a lullaby in the movie for bella's lullaby and they filmed it, but then they did a reshoot using Carter Burwell's composition of Bella's lullaby, and he learned how to play that and he played it in the movie but he didn't write the Official Bella's Lullaby.
What chapter is the car accident in because I don't remember anything about Billy talking about an accedent that killed Jacob's mother
I saw somewhere, I think on this Twilight website that talks about details and facts that were never in the book that he was crippled by diabetes or something and he ended up in a wheelchair. :(
Yeah, it says that he's in a wheelchair because of diabetes:
i have no idea
I don't think it is necessary to use foul language.
i agree as well...whats wrong with that person???
nothing, some people just like to swear ... (she changed it nyway)
whether it was changed or taken down it was still uncalled for.....
dont know
Now that you mention it, I was thinking the same thing.


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