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How Do You Feel That Bella "SUBCONSCIOUSLY" Felt About Her Mother Renee?
Introduction: One of Sigmund Freud's greatest discoveries (about the human Psyche) was that there are psycologicaly "TWO" of each of us. One is our concious self. And the other is our subconcious self. Often our conscious self has no idea how our subconscious self is feeling or thinking.
White Rose Discussion Question: What do you think Bella Swan's subconscious self felt about her mother Renee?
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Now that's an interestring question Doc, and I found myself thinking hard to 'produce' and opinion, haha. But I'm glad to do so.


There are no wrong answers so here goes mine, haha:


'Conscious Bella' loves her mother dearly, but as Sigmund discovered, human mind is divided into two 'universe', and normally they are unaware of one another thoughts or feelings. Now, for the real answer, I would have to say that Bella's Conscious and Subconcious no doubt has their own 'thinking', yet I believe, to them Renee is still their bubbly, funny, sometimes sort of childish mum (sunshine). If anything is different, I think their love for a person will remain unchanged:)

yes that makes perfect sense i totally agree with you.


Although I wonder how as was stated 'Often our conscious self has no idea how our subconscious self is feeling or thinking' then, how would we know better about Bella and how she subconsciencely feels about her mother. Just sayin'.................. :)))

I think Bella thought her Mum more as a friend and herself as elder in more way than most,having said that Bella seemed good at listerning to her mother's thought's and advice....

I totally agree! Bella seems to be the adult here but mom goes a bit deeper and if she knew about what Edwards family were, I think she would totally accept it! All she seems to want is for her daughter to be happy!


What Bella feels about her mom subconcious is that even thou she's her best friend, the person she trust intimately. But Bella feels that she needs alot taken care of because her mother doesn't act her age so Bella ends up being the adult and making sure her mom doesn't get in the wrong situation. She loves her mother greatly but she knows it takes a bit of caring.

My answer is that, I don't know. But this question reminds me Sigmund Freud's famous case study "The Case Of The Girl Who Subconsciously Hated her Mother"
I think that Freud's case might shed some light on the question. And it also might show you  (if you already don't know) how the Freudian psychiatric technique works.
A young woman came to see Dr. Freud, because she was suffering from anxiety and depression.
Freud psychoanalyzed her. And when he asked her: "How do you like your mother,?" the woman replied "I just adore her. We are BEST FRIENDS!" (BS,Q: "Renee is my best friend.")
When Dr. Freud asked her to describe her mother, he learned that (like Renee) her mother had a child like personality. Consequently (just like Bella) the girl was forced to assume the role of the  "parent" in the family (mother figure). All children are narcissistic (self involved) but as they mature most give up that trait and become adults, and nurturing parents. All children are driven to be loved and nurtured. Like a plant strugles to get sun light. With out them, both the plant and the child become distored. 
The role of the mother is to be "the loving and nurturing parent" While the father is "the protective and respectfully loving parent." (Girls learn that they should be valued and loved by boys from the way that their father's love and treat them)
Since Freud's patient was incapable of nurturing, or of acting in a parental fashion, the girl (as a child) naturally came to hate her. Because for a parent not to nurture is a form of emotional abuse. ( Which is often more damaging than physical abuse) But it was too painful for the girl to live with the guilt of hating her mother. So she used the psychological technique to denial. (Denial: refusing to consciously believe a fact, and suppressing the truth into ones subconscious.*
So each time the girl thought about her love and affection for her "best friend" mother her subconscious would remind her "You constantly LIE, you hate her. You are bad!"
When the girl learned the truth, and accepted the real story about herself and her mother, lots of wonderful things happened. Her conscious and subconscious minds were no longer in conflict. So her psychological angst disapeared. And when it did, her anziety went away. And that caused her depression to go away. Freud taught her how to see her mother in a correct light, as a woman with good and bad points. (As is true of all of us)
The psychological abuse (by Renee's not being able to parent) interestingly is what made Bella perfect for Edward. Bella was transformed into "an old soul" one much more mature for her age. Bella was wrong for most all boys, but she was PERFECT for Edward. 
Bella Swan at the end of Eclipse "I am not normal. I never fit in anywhere. Until the day I walked into your WORLD!" Plus by becoming a Cullen, Bella got the loving protective parents she so desperately always dreamed of having. Esme just exudes love to her family. EC to BS, "She (Esme) is our heart." EC,Q; "I have already accepted you into the family." Plus she is is a real PARENT! E.C "Clean that up now." and "Don't ever do that to me again." E.C,Q: "Yes MOM!"
And Carlisle is the ideal loving protective parent. CC,Q: "Edward choose her, that makes her one of us. And we PROTECT our own." (even unto death, not said but implied) C.B,Q; "You kissed her, against her will, and she hit you. Well GOOD FOR YOU!" Bella's immediate response. Q:"I want to see Carlisle" ( FYI: All of my quotes are always parphrased)EC,Q "Now that you aren't grounded we can do ANYTHING! What would you like to do?" BS,Q: "Visit with ESME!"
But that's "JOBO" (Just one Bear's opinion)


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