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How would you compare "Breaking Dawn 1" with the other "Twilight Saga" movies ?



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Besides the glaring ovious mistake of no' glittering Edward' - I really enjoyed this one!

The last movie was I felt rather self indulgent on the Directors part....

This one showed more close up's and some scenery ( to die for doll !!!!!! ) the just seemed to be more substance....?!

And of course the ending was perfect.

I love the fact Bella has matured during all the films,and that all the Rob P haters seem to have eatern their 'worms'.....


Dear Dawn Rose,
You make excellent points. Bella did seem different from the very beginning. But I didn't consider that the difference was that they portrayed her as a adult from the very start. You are right. What did you think about the way the portrayed her as a corpse versus the way they portrayed her as a vampire? How did you feel about Rosenberg's interpretation of Stephanie's description of the final moments of Bella's life?
Yours, Doc B



Dear Isabella,
I agree. How did you like the final image of Bella. Did you stay in the theater long enough to see the final scene from Volterra?

I did! I like how they portray Arrow's intentions right off the bat. This next movie is going to be epic.


I think they did a lovely job sticking with the book this time. I loved it just as much as New Moon the movie. Sure they changed a little bit, but all in all it was very close to the original story. I loved the ending as well. I still think that New Moon, for me, is the best movie so far. I loved depressed Bella. Kristen did a good job acting in that one. I loved the director of New Moon as well. He did a fantastic job.

I would like to add that I think this is Jacob's best performance out of all the movies.


I honestly think this was the best film so far. All the main actors really stepped up their game. Their performances were so believable. I cried throughout the entire film. Even though I knew what was going to happen, because of the books, I was still on the edge of my seat. I also loved how they incorporated the music from the previous films.

I loved that about the music as well!




I agree. I thought that adding moments of background music from previous movies was a wonderful touch. Especially those from the original "Twilight" movie. Do you think that Stephanie had anything to do with that ? This movie reminded me so much of the first movie. Did you feel that way? Do you know if Stephanie took a more active role in this movie?  When I left the theater I had a feeling that I had some how reunited with the first Twilight movie. Did you happen to have that feeling as well?


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Stephenie Meyer has been involved in the adaptation of her Twilight saga books to film from the very beginning. But on The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, she has taken on an even bigger role – producer.


  I heard she was a co-writer as well.

I wish she had been more involved from the beginning with Twilight. Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie, but I feel it was no where close to the book Twilight. I think her part in Breaking Dawn part one was very involved. I loved the adaptation from book to movie with this one. I am very impressed at how close they kept it to the book. 

 I am curious what people who did not read the book thought of the movie. Anyone here not read the book first?

Well I took my sister and mom to see the movie. They loved it. My mom was getting teared up at a few parts too.

I knew Bella wasn't dead but I still cried with Jacob. lol


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